"It's just a popularity contest," She Said.

"It's just a popularity contest, there's nothing else to it." She said. But little did she know, this "popularity contest" was going to change her life whether she liked it or not.


4. To Forgive, or Not to Forgive

Kelsey's POV


"Josh, it's because of you I'm so shy. Because of you, I believe that no one ever has and no one ever will, love me." I hiccupped, my crying slowing down. It was in fact because of Josh that I'm so shy. Every time I meet a new person, I hear the most painful words anyone has ever spoken to me 'I never have and never will, love you.' . So I think, if my own best friend at the time was pretending to love me, anyone could, right? I have these walls so high up that it's almost impossible for anyone to hurt me again. After that day, I distanced myself from everyone except for Lauryn, Abby, Kyra and Alessia. I practically stopped talking to people and I just stop being a social butterfly that I once was. "Why did you do this to me Joshie? Why did you pretend to care about me for so long and then one day just drop me?" I looked up him, guilt and pain showing all over his face.

"Kelsey, I did care about you And still do. I never pretended." He said in between deep breaths, trying not to cry.

"But you said-"

"I know what I said! I lied! Kelsey, did you really think that I never cared for you? You were the best thing that ever happened to me and to be honest, you still are. Kelsey, I never hated you. Far from it actually. I loved you. Not as a sister, but way more than that Kelsey. I loved you Kelsey." I pulled away from Josh, shocked at what I just heard. Did he really mean that? But all those things he said?

"I told you those things because I knew you'd never like me back. You wouldn't even believe how many people told me that you deserved so much better, and you do. I thought that if I distanced myself from you for a while the feelings would go away and everything would be okay. But no, every time I was away from you I would just want you even more. So I thought that if I ended our friendship, you'd be able to find someone that you actually deserved and I'd be able to move on. I went through hell for the first like six months, and I'm sure you did too. The things I said, they were pretty harsh. I tried talking to you after I snapped at you but no one would let me. Everyone kept me away from you. Kelsey, I'm so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you, I swear! I lost the best thing that happened to me." I single tear strolled down his cheek. "Kelsey, can you forgive me? I swear I meant to hurt you. And I promise, I'll never hurt you again. Please." He begged. Of course I forgive him! I forgave him a long time ago! When I was about to answer, someone spoke up.

"Forgive him Kels. He never really was the same without you. You're practically Josh' other half, babe." I turned around to see the whole class behind us. What creeps, eh? I saw Josh quickly wipe his cheek, freeing it from the couple tears that had fallen.

"Okay, you guys are one creepy-ass-class. And Jake stop! Gosh, you're never going to get me. And as far as forgiving Josh goes, I'll forgive him if I want to." I saw Josh' face drop. "Whish I do." I smiled brightly. Josh shot up from the piano bench and picked me up, pulling me into a tight hug and off of the ground. I laughed as the class cheered for us; they all know how much we valued our friendship. When Josh finally put me down, the bell had rung for lunch and the class slowly started to disappear into the halls. The only people left in the class room were Josh, Jake, Kyra, Alessia and I. We all gathered up our stuff from different parts of the music room and started for the door. Before we could leave the room Ms. Hensen hollered.

"Josh, Kelsey could come here for a quick second?" She smiled sweetly. We exchanged a glance and nodded, walking towards her desk.

"Congratulations, I'm proud of you guys." She said. I beamed, because well, I was happy to actually have Josh back.

"Thank you." Josh said with a smile then took my hand and headed out of the class. When we were in the hallway there was barely anyone. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around only to see a grinning Jake. I sighed, he was really getting annoying.

"What do you want, Jake?" I asked, being sure to show the annoyance in my voice.

"You know I'm always available for when you change your mind. I'd love to take you out on a date." He whispered in my ear.

"Okay Jake, have you forgotten that you're one of my best friends exes? And of course you're always available because no one wants to date you! You're the biggest player in this school aside from your little friend Rick. I. Am. Not. Interested. But you know, why don't you try Ashley. I'm sure you'd have a better chance with her considering she's the neighbourhood slut and will date any living guy that goes near her. Have a good day." I smiled sarcastically. Jake stood there not knowing what to say. I raised my eye brows and nodded my head, taking Josh's hand again and walking away. Josh and I were about to turn the corner of the hall when someone jumped on me from behind.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you a million times thank you." I turned around to see Abby, Alessia, Kyra and Lauryn grinning like the idiots they are. Abby jumped forward and hugged me. "I love you so much. Thank you for not flirting back. Everyone who claims to be my friend always flirts back. Even Lauryn." Abby blurted out.

"Hey! It was one time! I said I was sorry!" Lauryn pouted. Abby turned around and shot her an annoyed glare. I chuckled a little; our friendship is quite weird.

"Uh," Josh stood awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

"Oh right, how about we go eat guys?" I suggested, starved.

"Well, Kelsey; I was actually wondering if I could maybe bring you out to lunch?" He smiled shyly. But, before I could answer him myself, Alessia and Kyra pushed me out of the way and shouted "Of course you can!" I gave them a disapproving look and shook my head.

"Guys, I can speak for myself," I looked over to Josh who had a hopeful smile on his face. He really was too cute. "Of course you can Joshie." And before I could really process anything, I was being pulled out of the school in a rush, mine and Josh's books falling out of our arms, slowly being picked up by my 'friends'.


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