"It's just a popularity contest," She Said.

"It's just a popularity contest, there's nothing else to it." She said. But little did she know, this "popularity contest" was going to change her life whether she liked it or not.


2. Joshie

Kelsey's POV

"Is that so, Kelsey?" Ms. Hensen looked over at me.

"Ha! No!" I scoffed. Do they honestly think I would want to participate? Wow

"Yeah, Kelsey would never do that. Although she's an amazing singer, she's way too shy. I personally think she could win the competition. But like I said, she's way too shy; which I think is extremely cute." Jake, the schools most popular junior jock, stated with a wink. That prick has been flirting with me constantly lately, which can get over the top annoying since he basically flirts with 3/4 of the female population. Also, he's Abby's ex. What kind of best friend would I be if I flirted back? So I just rolled my eyes his statement, obviously not believing him. Jake will say the cutes things to you to make you think he cares then it totally backfires on you. Josh must've noticed my action because he soon started talking.

"No Kelsey, Jake is right. You're an amazing singer. You could win if you weren't so shy." Josh is one of those really sporty, respected jocks that doesn't act like a total bitch. He works hard in school, he gets good grades, he's actually really nice and he treats everyone with respect, no matter what. Well unless you're his 'best friend' and one day he decides to spaz on you for no absolute reason at all, I thought to myself but quickly shook the comment out of my head. So I kind of believe him because as far as I know, Josh doesn't lie. Unless he says he cares about you... I tried not to make eye contact as I mumbled a quick 'thank you' and forced a small smile.

"Funny thing is, you guys haven't even heard me sing." I realized. How could they all be trying to peer pressure into competing in this competition but they've never heard me sing? Twats.

"You're joking right Kels? You think we've never heard you sing?" Kyra asked me in a way that said 'you're an idiot'. I know that look all too well.

"Well you and Aless have, yeah. But not the rest of these tossers."  I argued, gesturing towards the class earning a few groans and a few chuckles. "No offence or anything.." I awkwardly chuckled.

"Sweetie, you always sing when you're practicing my little prodigy. Haven't you ever noticed that?" Josh informed me. Ew, he called me sweetie. But that was besides the point, I've never actually noticed that I sing aloud when I practice. My cheeks began to heat up as I think of how many times I must've sang without me noticing.

"I've actually never noticed that I sing aloud when I'm practicing. Hey Aless," I turned to my best friend that was beside me and hit her arm. " thanks for informing me on this subject. I love you too. And you," I turned around to look at Jake who had a sickening flirty smile on his face. "don't call me sweetie you freak." Everyone burst out laughing and Jakes flirty smile was replaced with a slight frown and red cheeks.

"Okay now kids, Kelsey, would like to compete in the competition or no?" Ms. Hensen asked.

"Or course not!" I shouted involuntarily.

"Okay, okay you to have to." Ms. Hensen laughed while everyone, and I mean everyone, shot me annoyed glares.

"You frustrate me." Alessia muttered in my direction. I laughed slightly.

"And I thought you'd be used to it by now." I shot her a sweet but bitter smile that made her chuckle.

"Alright kids, go work on your pieces for exams in two weeks." Ms. told us. I instantly shot up and was about to dibs the grand piano but Kyra interrupted me.

"I got this. Kelsey has dibs one the grand piano!" She shouted and the class went into a fit of laughter before finally going to practice.

I picked up my music binder and walked over to the piano. Since I'm majoring, I have to write two songs, and play four songs on both the piano and the guitar. Yeah, it can get very stressful, but I can do it.

"So what songs are you playing for exams? Since y'know, you're some kind of freaky child  prodigy." I jumped slightly when Josh sat on the piano bench beside me unannounced. I chuckled slightly.

"Oh gee thanks babe." I sarcastically commented while nudging his arm. "And I'm playing They Don't Know About Us and Summer Love by One Direction and also Small Bump by Ed Sheeran along with DNA by Little Mix." I smiled, proud of my choices.

"Typical Kelsey, huh? Directioner, Sheerio and Mixer for life, you are."

Did I forget to mention that I absolutely adore One Direction, Ed Sheeran and Little Mix? Oh, I didn't? Well this is awkward.. Anyways, I do. That's kind of what I'm known for in this school; the girl that's love people from England more than people from Canada. Yeah, I get teased a lot but it's nothing I can't handle.

"Yeah I am. You got a problem there Joshie?" I winked which made him smirk. I started playing 'They Don't Know About Us', since I got it memorized it's like first grade math to me.

"No, I don't have a problem. I think it's cute that you're in love with five homosexuals." I stopped playing the piano and turned to look at Josh, a deathly glare being shot his way.

"Take it back." I pleaded, forming fake tears in my eyes. I guess you could say that I used that talent to my advantage.

"No Kelsey, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it, I swear! Please don't cry." The smug look he once wore was long gone and was replaced with concern and guilt. I quickly wiped my eyes, getting rid of all the tears I had formed and started laughing.

"Oh, well you're an ass." He stated bluntly.

"Huh, you still love me I can't be that much of an ass." I winked.

"Of course I love you, I mean who wouldn't?" He chuckled, looking down at his feet. "But uhm, can I ask you something?"

"Anything. What is it?" I asked, feeling a bit nervous.

"Why aren't you as shy around me as you are around other people? Better yet, why do you even look at me?" He asked and honestly, I don't even know. I know I shouldn't talk to him or even think about him but I do. There's something about him that makes me feel so happy.

"I honestly don't know Joshie. I know I should be so I mad at you but I just can't bring myself to hate you. Maybe it's because no matter what happened, you've always been there for me; you've always been my brother."



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