"It's just a popularity contest," She Said.

"It's just a popularity contest, there's nothing else to it." She said. But little did she know, this "popularity contest" was going to change her life whether she liked it or not.


5. I Remember

Kelsey's POV

"So how long do we have to eat?" I asked after being pulled out of the school.

"About an hour. Where do you wanna go?" Josh replies, checking his watch. I thought for a moment, not really knowing. Then, it came to me. I looked around us, trying to find out where exactly we were. When I came to conclusion that we were about a block away from my destination, I smirked and grabbed Josh', running towards the direction of the place we both place love.

"Joses'?" Josh questions with a small smile. I simply nod. You see, Josh and I would always come here after school or after a certain sport we had together because his sister works here. We had a special booth we always sat in and the staff knew exactly what we always wanted; it was like my third home back then, right after Josh'  home.

"Well, we haven't been here together in awhile so I thought now would be a good time to reignite the tradition." I smiled, taking his hand once again and walking into the restaurant. We waited for a few moments for a waitress, it was odd. Normally we would have a waitress in no time, plus there's no one else in the restaurant. I suddenly see a girl running towards me, arms wide open.

"Oh my gosh Kelsey, is that you!?" She enclosed me in a big hug and I reluctantly pulled back, not knowing who this girl was.

"You don't remember me?" The girl asked, obviously hurt. I tried to remember her because obviously I should, but I just didn't know. I took in her features; straight blond ombre hair, short and skinny, light brown eyes and her nose looked just like...

"Oh my god, Natalie!" I lunged myself forward and caught her in a bone crushing hug. Natalie is Josh's sister. I haven't seen her in forever and I really did miss her, I don't know why I didn't remember her.

"You scared me shitless for a moment there. I thought you didn't remember me." She says in relief, a small smile playing on her lips.

"How could I forget you? We were like the dynamic duo." I winked because it was true, he always got in trouble together. We all laughed for a moment before Natalie spoke.

"Well, we better get you to a table so you can eat and go back to school. Unless you wanna ditch..." Natalie trailed off in a suggestive tone. I rolled my eyes and laughed. This was really something Natalie would do.

"Would you like me to get grounded?" I joked.

"Ugh, fine. Just go sit down, I'll get your food." She mumbled and walked away. I laughed because she was such a child being as she was almost 19 years old. Josh took my arm and pulled me to our table. When we sat down, all the memories came flowing back, all the late night talks, all the laughs, when we engraved our names under the table and under the seats.

"You know, I've been waiting to see you two here for a while now. Joshie here comes by himself  all the time and just sits alone in this booth. Sometime he even cries." Natalie tells me, placing our salads in front of us.

"Oh my gosh Nat! Go away!" Josh half-yells. I chuckle because they're still the way the used to be; always fight but will do anything for one another. I watched as Natalie laughed and walked away then turned to Josh.

"So, why were you crying?" I asked, hoping that I would be the reason for his tears. Not that I want to cause Josh pain, not at all. I just wanted to know if Josh cried for me as much as I cried for him.

"I already told you, I missed you.." He mumbles quietly, looking down. I smiled warmly and took his hand from across the table, rubbing circles on his palm.

"So how's Ad-"

"Enjoy guys." Natalie smiled as she put our food down and walks away. We both say a 'thank you' and start eating.

"So, what were you doing to say?" Josh asks with a mouth full of food. I rolled my eyes.

"Josh, don't talk with your mouth is full. You know I hate that. And, how's Adeline?" Adeline is Josh's girlfriend. You know those relationships where the guys is actually a generally sweet guy and cares for the girl but the girl is a complete bitch in return and is only with the guy for the popularity? Yeah, well that's how Josh's relationship is like. A flash of confusion washed over his face before realisation set in.

"Oh, Adeline. Yeah, uhm she's good I guess." He tells me softly, eating more of his food.

"How are you guys? I mean your relationship?" I ask cautiously. Sure, I see them around school all the time. But he never truly seems happy.

"Well, I do really like her. But she's been really bitchy lately." He frowned.

"Joshie, that's how she is all the time." I say as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, which it was. He chuckled a bit before silence fell upon us. Just then, his phone vibrated in his pocket. I heard Josh say something like 'speaking of Adeline.'. Aw, wittle princess wants something again. That bitch.

Josh started laughing. "What did you say?"

"Uh, nothing." I smiled nervously because how do I explain that I hate his girlfriend? Exactly, I can't.

"I heard you though. I know you said something" He teases, poking my from across the table. I blushed and looked down, embarrassed because he had heard me say such horrible things. A little of white caught my eye. Curiosity becoming the best of my, I slowly took the piece of paper that was stuck between the wall and the booth bench. I opened it and it read:

'Kelsey&Josh, Boo&Joshie, best friends forever!


My mouth fell open and my eyes widened.

"What is that?" Josh questioned. I looked up slightly, giving him the piece of paper. There was a smug smile on his face. "I remember this." He whispered quietly.

"Yeah me too." I managed to choke out without crying.

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