Forever Love

When Kendal isgoes to hershey park on july 5th to stalk her favorite boy band one direction she never imagined that Irish cutie Niall Horan would fall for her


1. To Hershey we go!!

Kendal and Katie hopped in the car, "Ready?" Katie asked anxiously. "YES!!" Kendal practically screamed. Today was going to be the best day of their lives as they were hoping to meet.....ONE DIRECTION!  It was about a 45 minute car ride from Perry County Pennsylvania to Hershey Pa, but the car ride was fast the whole way there they were blaring one direction's Take Me Home album which made the time fly!

When they got there they went to the main entrance (which by now was surrounded by girls all trying to achieve the same dreams of meeting one direction) When they finally got in they headed to their all time favorite ride...The Great Bear. It was an amazing roller coaster that hung below the tracks so your feet were dangling. They got to the front of the line and went to the front row of the car. All of the sudden there was tons of screaming when Kendal looked over to her side she saw  other than Zayn Malik. She was totally flabbergasted! "Hi love!" Zayn said in an excited voice. KendalsPOV Omg is that really Zayn Malik am I really  beside one of my idols.....couldn't be. "Hi" i said faintly. Katie turned and soon to had the same reaction then when she looked beside him she saw Louis and Niall. 

"Where is Harry and Liam?" I asked. " Harry is to big of a woos to go on the roller coasters!!" Niall said laughing. "Oh haha!" "So Liam is waiting with him." Zayn informed me.

That roller  ride was the best ride EVER!!



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