Forever Love

When Kendal isgoes to hershey park on july 5th to stalk her favorite boy band one direction she never imagined that Irish cutie Niall Horan would fall for her


2. After the Ride

KatiesPOV When we got off the ride i couldn't believe it when Louis asked if we wanted to go ride rides with them the rest of the day.  "Yes of course!" Kendal said. "You bet." I replied. As we were walking to the other rides Kendal and I introduced ourselves to all of them.  "Are you coming to the concert tonight?" Harry asked.  "We'd love to but we couldn't afford tickets." Kendal told them with a glum face.  "Well we'd love to have you both come." Liam said.  "Yeah you should come!" they all said. "Ok." Kendal and I replied. 

As we walked around the park I noticed that Niall was really tuned into Kendal. He seemed to like her....maybe.  "You want to go on the ferris wheel with me?" Louis asked sure I said. We walked off and everyone else split up.  Harry, Zayn, and Liam went to go ride rides and Niall and Kendal went to the water park.

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