Pandora's Box

This is for the Historical Fiction contest, about a young girl named Pandora who moves to a new state and finds hidden treasures within the attic in boxes.


4. The First Use

               During my mom's pregnancy and after she gave birth to Sammy, we hadn't been going out to eat. Mom claimed that it was unhealthy for her growing baby while he was just a gross little flesh mass in her womb, and after birth said he wouldn't be able to chew it. But since our house is so full of boxes that we can't even see straight much less put something in the Baby Bullet for Sammy, we opted for McDonald's and Sammy opted for fresh-bought baby food. Dad and I tore into hamburgers like the guy from Supersize Me.

                "Are you excited for school?" Mom asked, feeding Sammy little by little. He's never been fussy about food.

                "Yeah, I guess so." I lied. Truth be told, I didn't want to go. Despite those three girls I met when the moving men packed in boxes, I still don't want to be the new kid.

                "Well, you'll have lots of fun." Mom reassured me. I sighed, going back to the fries. I could feel the trans fat settling in, and my burning curiosity about the attic and the necklace still hasn't worn off.

                Does the thing really work? Twist it three times to the right, the note had said. Who could that have been from? And was it fair to call BS on it without a try? I should have stayed in California; my stomach is twisting over and over at being a new girl tomorrow and at this mysterious new room of mine.

                "I think we should all go to sleep now, do you agree? It's been quite the day." Mom said after a prolonged silence. I knew that the reason she was chasing us out was that our first dinner at our Virginia house wasn't some weird Mediterranean food she'd made herself.

                "All right, dear. I'll tuck Pandora in first and see you soon." Dad grunted, situating himself.

                "No!" I exclaimed suddenly. My parents both looked at me in shock. Sammy even whimpered a little.

                "I mean, uh..." I stuttered. "You shouldn't climb the ladder, it isn't very stable. You could get hurt. Give me a hug at the bottom, that's all right with me."

                "Oh." Dad said, somewhat relieved. "Okay, that's fine." We walked to that point, I got a kiss on the forehead, and then I raced up that ladder. I closed the little door to the attic quickly and secured it tightly. I panted ever-so-slightly, looking over to the closet. I felt as if the necklace was gleaming inside of those dark doors, begging to be used. I trembled as I slowly opened the doors to the closet, and it stared at me with the glint of the stone. I picked it up and put it around my neck, and my hands shook as I reached for the stone.

                "Three to the right." I mumbled. "One, two..." The stone began to glow with power.

                "I can't believe I'm doing this, I must be insane." I griped to myself. "Three." The stone clicked in place, after being so loose, and the whole room fell apart into absolute whiteness.

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