im not gonna let you give up (harry styles fan fic)

loving you forever can sometimes be wrong but in this case forever will be forever betty was a nerd and always focused on sports but her life is about to change when a curly haired babe interwines with her life will it be forever


2. the magic at the park

as i said my day wasnt so bad after all after school harry and i exchanged numbers i couldnt stop laughing at his contact name he put sexy beast and i put betty loves cats <3 After a few minutes hectexted me from sexy beast hey beautiful want to go to the park for a walk ME: yeah sure catch ya overthere i locked my phone and changed into my PINK victorias secret yoga pants and my nike jumper that said Lazy but talented and i put my black and pink free runs running shoes and put my hair in a high ponytail and i was ready to go. I walked to the park since it wasnt so far like two blocks away.As soon as i got there i saw harry sitting in a bench in front of some swings in which some little kids were playing he was watching them so carefully and a wide smile plasterd on his face .I made my way closer to the bench in were he was sitting i sat next to him he chuckled as he looked at my jumper and reapeated the the quote i blushed but then i stood up for myself and said "yeah lazy but talented"then he said "prove it then" "ohh so you want to have a competition with me" then he said yeah to see you loose ok whoever looses has to give a kiss to the winner" "ok whatevs but we have to run a lap around the park deal"i said then he said "deal" Ok ready set goooo he took like flash the superhero he was going to get tired soon so i had an advantage i started jogging and i found him sitting in a bench breathing deeply i just giggled and kept on going he tried to catxh up but it was too late i had already won . "ohh yahh in your bloody face harry i won now my kisss" but i was playing around he leaned in soon our forheads were touching i had to get on my tipi toes cause he was a tower compared to me.He leaned in and soon our lips were together i felt electricity trough everywhere it was like if we were ment to be but i couldnt be that stupid i bearly met him yesterday.We both pulled away taking short breaths he just looked at me smiling his dimples making a crease in his cheeks. Me and harry laid down in the green humid grass looking at the clouds not saying a word. AUTHORS NOTE hey guys hope yall liked it plz vote or comment to help me make improvements ill update it tommorow or later at night c: xxxdanyy <3
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