im not gonna let you give up (harry styles fan fic)

loving you forever can sometimes be wrong but in this case forever will be forever betty was a nerd and always focused on sports but her life is about to change when a curly haired babe interwines with her life will it be forever


1. meeting him

i was awaken by the stupid alarm on my phone finally friday was here couldnt stop the torture of the stupid popular bitch named gabby that made my life misearable shes pretty and shes a cheerleader. i finally rose up from bed to change into my outfit a white flowy shirt, my sand colored chinos and my light brown combat boots perfect i went and carefully curled my hair the steam of the heat caused me goosebumps. After i skiped breakfast i just grabved my keys and my michael kors bag and left to jump into my black camaro. I finally arrived and quickly got everything i needed i went to my locker for my suprise i found gabby and her slutty friends there ready to make my day misearable i tried to ingnore them.I got my stuff and put in my locker."hey betty nice bag where you got it from the trifth store not even knowing that this bag costed 300 pounds. "ohh really if you really think i bought it in the trifht store here goes the reciept" i threw at her slutty face.I just walked away in pride. The bell had just rung and it was time for first period or in other words chemistry.I entered the class to find mrs. garza sitting in a stool "goodmorning betty" , "goodmorning mrs garza" ,i replied. Now everyone came in and took a seat .Everyone sat in the front while i sat in the back in a lonely table by myself. After 20 minutes mr savadra came in . He gave mrs garza a slip but in the door i could see someone standing he was way taller i 'm just 5'2 he finally came in.He was sure a hottie with those curls and those green eyes that make you want to melt.Mrs garza interrupted us and introduced the boy his name was Harry Styles.To my luck he sat besides me i started to panick and myy hands started to shiver.i tried to calm myself. He turned my way and said "hello ,love your name must be as pretty as your face " i blushed but i quickly tried to hide it but it was too late.After that he just started to talk to me. After all my day wasnt that bad. AUTHORS NOTE vote and comment my first time writing and uhh know i might need some ideas tell me what yall think i might update it on friday plz comment and vote c: xxxdanyy
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