im not gonna let you give up (harry styles fan fic)

loving you forever can sometimes be wrong but in this case forever will be forever betty was a nerd and always focused on sports but her life is about to change when a curly haired babe interwines with her life will it be forever


3. an angel

harry's pov that kiss was amazing i knew she was just playing but i just couldnt hold it anymore with those beautiful brown eyes long lashes and that long hair i just couldnt i was just craving a kiss from the first time i met her. After a few minutes of silence i finnaly spoke "hey wanna go to this yogurt place called tutti frutti" i was hopeing she would say yes "yeah why not" we got there we chose our toppings and everything and payed the cashier then said "yall make an adorable couple!" me and betty started laughing histeraclly the cashier looked confused "we would but we arent a couple yet" i winked at betty she just shyly smiled back her smile made her more adorable and that dimple in the cheek. we sat down and i ask her if she wanted to play the game 20 questions she nodded and i started so whats your favorite animal or pet she quickly said CATSS¡¡¡¡¡ i high fived her and i said me too then she said "i wonder if im going to turn to an cranky old lady and have lots of cats" i started to laugh histeracly then i said "but you are not gonna be alone you would be with me and we will die together like in the notebook" she just giggled but i was serious i had never felt this around a girl its like if she were a magnet.we even forgot about the game. BETTYs pov i was getting nervous but happy at the same time i had never talked to a boy in this way plus mostly everyone bullied me. That part that he said that we were going to die together i thought that he was kidding but i could see the sebsirity in his eyes he really meant it i was starting to get butterflies in me stomach.was he really falling for me or was i another toy of his. Authors note hope yall guys liked it this one was kind of short but i ll try to update more tommorow let me hear yalls opinion comment plz c: xxxdany
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