Hi my name is Amelia Martin I am the youngest oh of 3 I have 1 older brother and 2 older sisters. My sister's are Bailey and Maria-Ann Pym brother is Ronny and our uncle is Simon Cowell. He is awesome and sense I'm the youngest I go to his house every he year for the summer.this year I'm turning 16and I. Having my sweet 16 At his house but instead I'm just going to have my Best friends Lisa and Jill stay with me the whole summer it's going to be so much fun and we are even going to meet a band he is managing but you know girls want their space what happens when these 3 girls get to much space? Will there be to much drama for them to handle? OHHHH YEAH!!!! Read to find out what happens


1. authors note

okay so this is going to be awesome and i need a co-author to help deside whats going to happen


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