The Freedom Of Abuse

A Cat was abused, she's fighting her way to freedom, not only is pregnant, but needs a dark place for her kittens.


1. When It All Stats

It was a normal day, to Sunny, she layed in her favorite spot- her only place she liked.

"Get up you mutt!" her owner shouted. We swayed her tail, having stitches on her end. "I Said Get Up!" This guy enjoys yelling, and hitting cats. Sunny ran, meowing. When she passed by him, he kicked her to the wall. "Go!" Sunny dug her claws into the carpet. "I said go you mutt! Thats expensive carpet!" he kicked her towards the door. "Better be back my MIDNIGHT or ELSE!"

Sunny ran off, to Fort Yard St. 15, she lived on 13 st. A Calico- cat was sitting at the house of 4578 Fort Yard St. 15. "What wrong" The cat said personally, wagging his tail unusually. "Another owner expense", they we're mewing as the day went by. Clock struck 11:55 pm. "I got to go," She mewed, running off. The boy cat was mewing "Good night- Sunny..." but it faded as she ran inside. "I told you Midnight! You should've been back by NOW!" She gave him a look- as if she said "I am here, don't you see me standing?" but she just ran onto the couch, in her all-time favorite spot. She feel asleep, her white fur stained red, although she was a tuxedo, she was red from blood. She has 4 stitches at her tail, she used it to protect her body from the worst night-mare of all. Owner.

      Sunny woke up in the most unusual place yet.. And she has been in many weird places. This one smelt of grooming- she purred happily. "What are you purring at?" Her owner insisted stepping on her tail. She hissed, trying to be rude, but just smirked and put her in a carried. "Sir, who's been abusing her? That person can serve 3 years in prison" Sunny's docter said- giving him the serious eyes. "I don't know. I leave her with a babysitter 6 times every week." he lied, trying not to look like he doesn't spend "quality" time with his own pet- soon to be the shelters, she hoped. "Well, you need a new cat- sitter." She took Sunny in the cage, Sunny felt safe for 2 seconds until she got let out. She walked out, sniffing like a dog. "Sunny, I know your abused by him, your actually getting put in a shelter tomorrow night ", the docter said smiling. She walked to talk to the owner. "She has to stay her 2 nights", she said. "As long as she's okay". "We're actually fixing the wounds" the docter insisted, smiling. As the owner left, she walked to the phone and rang  the Garden City Animal Shelter. "Tomorrow Morning?" She said confusingly... "Alright.. Just wait till' I get sued", she hung up the phone. "Well, Sunny, your going to get a good home. We're not in Garden City, so why should he expect you being there?" She laughed happily and excited. "Here" She handed the cat 3 bowls of food. 3 more tomorrow morning. Your under-weight... They don't want sick cats.".

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