The Freedom Of Abuse

A Cat was abused, she's fighting her way to freedom, not only is pregnant, but needs a dark place for her kittens.


2. Escape The Box

 "Don't worry, Sunny, we're walking out", the vet said, putting Sunny in a carrier, walking out to the parking lot. The Vet Gasped, dropping the carrier as she saw the owner walk up. "May I ask why you brought my mu- cat, in a carrier?" He Said, giving her a mysterious look. "I was taking her, um, to another vet.. For meds.." She replied, softly. "Do you HAVE to bring her?", he said. "Yes, they uh, need her... pee... Yah..." she replied, picking up the carrier. "See you around, um, Mr.." she said but stopped. "Mr. Cavano" he replied. "Sunny Cavano", he informed as his cats name.  "Catch you later, Mr. Cavano", she said, putting Sunny in the backseat of her Van. 

    The vet started to drive to Garden City. "So Sunny Cavano.. Glad thats ALL over",  she said, sighing.  She pulled into the Shelter, opened the backseat door to grab the carrier. She reached for the handle, and dropped it on the concrete. The carrier door snapped open, and Sunny went mewing and running out into the forest. "No come back"!, the vet yelled. She ran after the cat, but she ran to far in a short time. She ran to the shelter, and started to complain about the forest. "The cat" she breathed heavy, "Ran into", she breathed heavily again "Ran into the dumb Forest"! she yelled as it echoed, all eyes on her. "May I ask your name, please, Madame?"  "Kiylee Yosko" the vet said. "Kiylee, you called yesterday about a cat named Sunny, am I mistaking?", the worker asked. "WAS, now she's in the forest". Kiylee said. "Let me call police," she said, dialing 911 on a 1950 antique phone. "Is Officer Marty in today?" she said. "6738 Huster Avenue, cat ran into the woods. Looks as if abused by former owner.", she said "goodbye", she hung up. "Their coming", "Go look just in case".

    Kiylee ran into the woods, hearing distant croaks, from frogs, and many foresty-sounds. She saw a flashlight. "If your in here," said a deep voice, "Get out or get assassinated."

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