The Freedom Of Abuse

A Cat was abused, she's fighting her way to freedom, not only is pregnant, but needs a dark place for her kittens.


3. Against The Law

Kiylee ran behind a fallen log, as the guy stopped infront of her, using his flashlight to look around. "The cats no where, Marty", a female voice said. "No ones here, the vet said someone would be here." the deep voice said, supposibly Marty. "I heard something"! the girl pointed her flashlight at Kiylee. "Miss, we said get out or get assassinated. Apparently, its against a law, but, we must get out of here. Your not aloud to live here or-" she got cut off "I don't live here, the cat was a mans who abused it, so I took it here but the carrier door broke and hit ran in her-" Kiylee said.. "Miss, you can't be right.. Owner name?" "Cavano". "Close enough" the female cop said. "One Cavano.." "Supposibly he got put in prison for shoot out, bad beat up, and snatching a 16 year old up. Great history, fun to learn. Well, if you ask me" The female cop said. "Don't forget," Marty said "He;s out there right now". 

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