another one of us

Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and the most beautiful girls in their school Shelby And Morgan the sisters. Have to spend a week in room 118 because the boys want to be a bad and they have to do this or they will lose their dream. but when they are in the room they find out that everywhere they look they see another of their self.


8. idk

That morning it was raining they could here the pitter batter of the rain hitting the ground. Shelby was still passed out. Was she dead? Nobody knows. They eat breakfeast and under all the racket Shelby woke up. "want anything to eat Liam"? asked Harry. Liam answered "anything without spoons". After they ate they found out the didn't see anymore clones. Did it only happen at night the have to find out. They were running out of food and its only been three days. They couldn't do any thing about it. Then they got a call and it    was Louis mom. Louis mom was devastated about were Louis was. The picked up and told her the story. They were fine and were at a hotel. His mom yelled "by yourself"! but nobody heard her. they had already hung up the phone. "guess we cant use the phone at night either" said Harry "idk" said Niall. Morgan Yelled at Niall Saying "idk is girl talk so don't say it"

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