another one of us

Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and the most beautiful girls in their school Shelby And Morgan the sisters. Have to spend a week in room 118 because the boys want to be a bad and they have to do this or they will lose their dream. but when they are in the room they find out that everywhere they look they see another of their self.


6. door

The clones now go to the sides of the beds. The boys roll of the bed. But Morgan tried looking away but she just saw her again. "There is something up with this room" Morgan thought to her self. Then she looked another direction saw her self again. Maybe she had a lot on her mind maybe she wasn't thinking straight but it wasn't just her it was happening to it was all of us. All five of the boys stood up and tried to kick and punch their clones. It didn't work "what is going on" said Zayn but none of them new what was going on or what was going to happen. But Liam thought really hard and shut his eyes. When he opened them his clone was closer and had a spoon. Liam yelled at the top of his lungs. The guy at the desk got in the elevator and came up to them. when he got there he tried opening the door it wouldn't work. So he tried pounding on the door. He didn't hear a sound. Neither did anyone behind the door. So the guy left and went back to his spot. Then he could here talking. Maybe he could only here from that room if he is a long distance away from the door. So the guy Screamed saying "are you guys ok there Is a secret to that room you just didn't give me the chance to say it". Then he heard a sound saying im sorry he couldn't tell who said it but he had a very good guess.  

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