another one of us

Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and the most beautiful girls in their school Shelby And Morgan the sisters. Have to spend a week in room 118 because the boys want to be a bad and they have to do this or they will lose their dream. but when they are in the room they find out that everywhere they look they see another of their self.


7. colors

Back at the room everyone was freaking out except Shelby she was trying to talk to the clones "can you guys change colors and fly"? she asked her clone just came closer and whispered "yes...". Shelby got up and tried to play but she just went right through it. The clone changed color. "ohhhhhhh purple" she goes through the clone again "blue" she said "now fly for me". The clone rises off the ground and starts circling her head. Shelby gets dizzy and passes out. Morgan yells "Shelby its you fault for asking". Then everyone fell asleep.

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