another one of us

Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and the most beautiful girls in their school Shelby And Morgan the sisters. Have to spend a week in room 118 because the boys want to be a bad and they have to do this or they will lose their dream. but when they are in the room they find out that everywhere they look they see another of their self.


4. clones

Morgan turned around and yelled at us and said " I swear I saw another one of me" Shelby said "your being ridiculous Morgan" " I swear im not kidding" Morgan mumbled " go look for yourself" they waked in and turned the lights on they didn't see anything. They went inside the room unpacked they laid down in separate beds.  Then all of them screamed at the same time at the end of each of their beds they saw them self a clone! They had to live with this for a week impossable!  They all just froze until Morgan goes "yaya" Shelby then says " do you think these are the butterflies"? "no" said Morgan. Then it got all quiet.

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