another one of us

Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and the most beautiful girls in their school Shelby And Morgan the sisters. Have to spend a week in room 118 because the boys want to be a bad and they have to do this or they will lose their dream. but when they are in the room they find out that everywhere they look they see another of their self.


3. another Morgan

When they got to the hotel to stay in room 118 the man at the waiting desk asked " why do you guys want to sleep in there for a week"? They didn't answer they just took the keys and left. When they got to the room and opened the door it was pitch black. Shelby says " I thought there were going to be butterflies here". Then Morgan says" what did you think there were going to be unicorns too"? "yes yes I did" Shelby said. Morgan was the first one to step a foot in the room while the others followed her. Niall yelled " omg there is a bat" Morgan said "omg is girl talk" Everyone laughed except Niall he wasn't kidding. everyone ran out of the room. Morgan went back in and found a light switch. Morgan turned on the light. While everyone was talking in panic. Morgan thought she saw another one of her she rubbed her eyes and it was gone.

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