The Follow-up

Ally is madly in love with Justin Bieber, but his actions hasnt made her like him lately and she's been paying way more attention to a British boy band, One Direction. She has almost went all British on her family and friends. But could she end up in a heap of trouble and mysterious things about each of them??


1. Little did they know

 I woke up to the sound of my TV on. My twin sister Carly was watching a news segment on Justin Bieber.

 "Justin Bieber's tour bus has been searched and there was amounts of weed in there and the searchers say that it is not Justin's, but someone on that tour bus has been smoking the substance." A news reporter says.

I smile big, im glad hes not hooked to drugs. I mean as much as i hate his bad behavior, i could hate him even more if he smoked that.

 "Ally, i made you breakfast." Carly says. "Eat up."

I got up and went to the kitchen where i found at least a dozen hands on flap jacks.

"Hey, hey save me some pigs!" I say to my brother and his friends.

"Sorry, sis big game today." Ethan says.

I sighed and i found an empty plate of flap jacks. Wonderful, no food on a big day, might as well puke all over them. Today im meeting One Direction, basically my heroes since Justin Bieber almost killed a paparazzi guy.  I just cant wait, but on an empty stomach this wont go well. 

Honestly, to be fair i think they all should go in a circle because they all are perfect to me.

With all that thinking i forget to eat and go right to brushing my teeth, my hair, changing into cute clothes.

On the way out to my car, my brother Ethan stops me and hands me $100.

"Spend it wisely." He says.

I smile and nod and shove the money in my pocket. I strap my buckle on and get ready to pick my friends up. I noticed i was a bit early for them to be ready so i drove to a near coffee shop and bought an ice coffee and a breakfast.

I ate it quickly so my friends wouldnt see, i mean i would buy them something but i need the rest of the money for other stuff.

I drove up to my friend Libby's house, she was pumped! She couldnt wait one more minute, yet she had to because i had to pick up Paisley.

Once we picked up Paisley i drove down to the concert center.

I pulled into the parking lot when i notice very few parking spots, almost all of them handy cap and im not handy cap. I finally found this parking spot with no handy cap when some jerk took the spot.

"What the heck!" Paisley yells.

I mumbled under my breath in disgust.

Libby didnt say one word or she'll over burst with excitement and anger, and that is not pretty. Then i found a parking spot.

We quickly got out of the car and hurriedly ran to the concert center, we gave the teller our tickets and ran in to find our seats, which was pretty difficult if you were here about last minute.

We found our seats just in time before the boys came out. And when they did i smiled ear to ear.



Liam started singing to "Live while were young".

I sang along and a girl puked next to me.

"Here." She coughed. "Take my VIP passes, i need to go clean up and at this rate i wont be able to meet them, im not ready."

I smiled and took the VIP passes with no hesitation. Luckily there were three.

I showed my friends the passes and they freaked. Libby was bothering me the whole time if we could go backstage every minute. I kept saying no because they were busy getting changed and go back on stage. She told me that, that was why she kept asking.

We enjoyed the rest of the show and then i gave the others there VIP passes. We all walked to the security guard in the back and showed him our passes, he let us through.

When we went back we found all of the boys lounged.

"Or should i say CATastrophe?" Liams computer says. I knew what he was watching, he was watching the first video of The adventurous adventures of one direction.

Liam laughed as the animated Harry said, "My balls."

"Hello." I say.

"Oh hello darling." Harry says standing up.

Libby started hyperventilating and she fainted.

"Is she going to need and icePOP??" Harry asks while laying a pun on us.

"Uhh, i think she'll be fine." I say kneeling down. "Perfume."

Paisley handed me perfume and i sprayed it in front of her nose.

Libby awoke immediately.

Harry held out his hand for her to get up. She took it  and smiled.

"Libby." She says announcing her name.

"Nice name." He says.

"And yours might be??" Niall asks coming up to me.

"Ally." I say smiling.

"And yours might be?" Zayn asks Paisley.

"Paisley, with a P." She says.

He laughs and says, "I think i should know that by now."

I dont know what but i think all this boys might be up to something. I just hope its not bad.


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