the boys...

Morgan and Haley are just trying to get through the summer without girls constantly screaming and fan-girling over the boys of one direction. Thing is, Haley and Morgan hate them. But things take a strange turn one day when they are working in Starbucks.


1. the new summer job

Morgan's. P.o.v: Haley and I had just gotten released from school on thursday, may 31. A few weeks ago we agreed to get a summer job, next year we'd be in college together, and living together. We've been best friends since the beginning of time. She and I were pretty. She with large brown eyes and a golden complextion. She has curly brown hair with thick dark lashes. A slim body, and always in style. I was a minky blonde, thick eyelashes and pale grey eyes. Nothing that would catch someone's eye but I wasnt horrifingly ugly either. I was skinny, and smart. Grades were always a big deal to me, it was work, work, work and no play until everything was perfect. We made our way to her white range rover, sliding into the passenger's seat. Once the car was on, I blasted the radio but of course...what makes you beautiful was playing. I quickly changed it. Haley rolls her eyes beside me backing up. "Thank god we're finally out of that hell hole. Graduations in a few days and then we'll finally get out of this damned town." She mumbles sliding her sun glasses over her eyes. It was a particularly warm afternoon in kansas, and I couldnt wait till we moved to new york. We were going to study music, since we both had great voices we were wanted at many colleges but we decided on one in florida. Walking into the cooled air of starbucks we see many teenage girls hanging out at the tables. Some girls squeal when they see us, asking for a picture... did I mention we had the moat popular vides on youtube and even got an interview with ellen degerenis herself! Haley's p.o.v: We put on our aprons and hats pinning our nametags to our shirts. Morgan and I lnew how to work all the machines, so today we'll be working a shift by ourselves till five. "Hello what can I get you?" I ask polietly not looking up from the cash register. "How about your number with a carmel frappe please?" A husky, British accent speaks confidently. I look up and see the one and only, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles themselves. Damn, Louis really is hot...
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