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Ginger is blind. She also happens to live in the year 324 NCE (New Common Era), a time wrought with conflict over the civil rights of Semi-Organics, the preferred term for people who are part human, part machine. The ratio makes no difference. If even only the tiniest appendage is robotic, then you are semi-org.

If you're an Org girl, what are you supposed to do when the boy who gets you the best is only Semi?


1. a new era

This is an anxious time.

The world is filled with basically three types of people: fully organic, semi-organic, and the minority that feels like such distinctions should not matter. This is pretty much what defines the state of society today.

You see, around two hundred years ago, cloning was developed. It was rushed to the public and lauded as a viable option for solving the issue of infertility. Combined with a little bit of genetic splicing, you could get a child who was a pretty even mix of your features and your partner's features to make it even more similar to natural reproduction. It worked pretty fantastically for the first two decades.

Then, this first gen clone children reached child bearing age. The problem came about, as clones of people who were unable to conceive on their own, they had to seek out an alternative option to procreation just as their 'parents' before them. The result was imperfect. The cloned offspring of the first gen clones tended to be birthed... incomplete. Organs, limbs, bones... pieces would often be missing. Many died. Some doctors were ingenuitive. Fitting mechanical prosthetics to infants saved thousands. The business of manufacturing prosthesis for each phase in a growing child's life became a rather booming business and provided many jobs. Many people built their very own happy families, for lack of a better term.

But, then, the question rose as to whether or not these clones with robotic parts were actually people at all. Hadn't science already coined a term for this type of being? Weren't they cyber-organic beings? After the question came about, the debate was short lived and this group of people was pushed aside as Cyborgs, and lower class being than Human.

I mean no offense in using that term. I realize it's derogatory, and I do apologize. I'm simply utilizing it for historical purposes. In this day and age, the more politically correct term is semi-organic, or semi-org.

I've heard that it tends to be pretty easy to spot semi-orgs. Metal limbs aren't easy to hide unless you're rich enough to afford skin grafts. Most semi-orgs are blue collar laborers, so most can't. Not that it really matters to me. I can't tell the difference between a semi-org and a full-org unless they get within earshot. Then I can hear the whirring and clicking of the mechanics that expand and contract a robotic lung, pivot a steel wrist, propel an aluminum step forward, or strum artificial vocal chords.

I'm blind. I'm actually the product of cloning, myself, the technique of which has improved drastically, but is hardly used by anyone outside of the semi-organic community. My family is different, though. My mother was rendered incapable of childbearing by a car accident a long time ago, not by a defect or illness. My parents are very rich and they desperately wanted a child, so they resorted to what most would think beneath them. And they got me. And I perfect in every way except for my lack of eyesight. No missing limbs or organs. I have eyes. They just cannot see. And my parents, not wanting to place the stigma of robotic parts upon me or make what they had done public, decided to let me stay blind and claim it was an accident during delivery that caused my blindness.

Sometimes I hate them for that decision. I would love to see the world. Sometimes I love them for their decision.

My sad origin aside, I'll fill you in on why the world has been plunged into an even further state of turmoil. People, extremely intelligent semi-organic and fully-organic people have started to speak up for the rights of the semi-org class. They've been pretty successful in their campaigns. In fact, it was just announced on the news that the segregation of fully organic children and semi-organic children in schools has been abolished. Not many an organic parent is taking too kindly to the news, since most don't consider semi-orgs to be human.

My first day of high school should prove to be exceedingly interesting.

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