Summer love

School just ended & Micayla and Vanessa were out for the summer!
When suddenly they meet two of the boys from the biggest boy band in the world!!
What happens when an ordinary vacation turns into the most shocking experience of their lives?
Will falling for the same guy tear them apart or bring them closer together?
*Read to find out*


4. She's fallen for him

**AUTHORS NOTE** Okay so yes our names our Micayla and Vanessa In real life, and yes we are writing about ourselves! Lol it's probably the close thing we will ever get to dating them lol! We get out of school in four days ! And we have had finals all of last week and all of this week we have been very busy so we apologise for not updating the book! Once summer comes we will be updating constantly! We are both going to California so on the road we will definitely be doing that! Thank you so much for your patience -Micayla Nialls p.o.v: we had just finished our last concert of the 2012-2013 take me home tour! Things couldn't have ended better! We headed back to our hotel. When we got there we had to go through the back employes only door because things can get pretty crazy if people see us. When we got up there we basically put on music and just fell on the beds Hardy awake. We stayed up talking for hours listening to songs! It reminded me how we were when we first were put together on the X factor! Liam was in the middle of telling us about him and Danielle when suddenly we heard a knock at the door. Harry grumbled Niall get the door as he said this he threw a pillow at me. By the time I had already punched him a couple times (of coarse not being serious ) zayn had already made his way to the door, I quickly followed. We opened the door to see two absolutely beautiful ladies standing in front of us. Their faces looked speechless! Zayn and I tried to give them a motion not to scream otherwise there could be a swarm of girls running our way! I could tell we had nothing to worry about after they couldn't even move a muscle. We offered them to come in, they accepted but they were walking very slowly as I could tell they were still in complete shock! "Hello" Liam said, I'm Liam Payne from one direction. This is Louis Tomlinson, Harry styl.... He was interrupted by one of the girls saying trust me we know who you are! We are huge fans of one direction! Really? Louis said while a smile came across his face. Yes, the other girl replied with excitement!! And who are you if I may ask ? I asked ! I'm Micayla one of the girls managed to say and I'm Vanessa she said blushing in zayn's direction. She was possibly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, but my heart crumbled when I saw the way she looked at zayn! I could tell that I had already begun to fall for her but even worse she had already completely fallen for zayn malik.

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