Summer love

School just ended & Micayla and Vanessa were out for the summer!
When suddenly they meet two of the boys from the biggest boy band in the world!!
What happens when an ordinary vacation turns into the most shocking experience of their lives?
Will falling for the same guy tear them apart or bring them closer together?
*Read to find out*


1. Schools out !


MICAYLA'S P.O.V                                                                                                                                                                                                    The bell had just rang!  It was the last year of high school and I couldn't be more excited!!
i ran out the door to go find Vanessa ! We had been bestfriends since the 2nd grade and nothing or no one ever came between us. She had really dark brown eyes ,medium length dark hair, and she was just a little bit shorter than me. She was shy at first but when you got to know her she was so outgoing!
I saw her waiting for me by the usual spot, which was by our schools bus stop under the tree.
I ran to her and gave her a huge hug!
"Can you believe we finished high school"  She said with an excited look on her face.
"I know!!" I replied. It seems like just yesterday we were going home with each other to go play with dolls!
We walked to her house which was only a couple blocks down. 
"So what is the first thing we're going to do when we get to LA?" I asked as we walked into her house.
"Hmmmm.. shopping?" She answered
"YES!" I said ecstatically   
We had planned to spend the whole summer in LA.
We had been there a couple times before but only for a day or two for school field trips.
This time it was different however,a whole summer,new opportunities,& two Best Friends,who knew what could happen!!
"well I better get going " I said , we are leaving at 7am tomorrow so we got to get some rest! 
"See you at the airport" She said as she walked me out and hugged me goodbye.
"See you" I replied with the biggest smile ever!

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