Summer love

School just ended & Micayla and Vanessa were out for the summer!
When suddenly they meet two of the boys from the biggest boy band in the world!!
What happens when an ordinary vacation turns into the most shocking experience of their lives?
Will falling for the same guy tear them apart or bring them closer together?
*Read to find out*


2. Hello Los Angeles

      I woke up at around 5:30am,freshened up a bit,got dressed, and headed to the airport !!

       I  paid for my parking spot and walked in!  When I walked in I spotted Vanessa right away .

         **VANESSA'S P.O.V**

I saw Micayla walking through the airport doors. She had brown eyes that were a little lighter than mine, long curly hair, and she was about an inch and a half taller than me. She was wearing a cute summer dress with some off white toms and a long necklace to tie the outfit together. 

"Micayla!!!" i screamed & ran up to hug her. She hugged me back and we went to grab some breakfast before going to security. Afterwards, we sat down to wait for our plane and talked for about 30 minutes before they called for our flight. We jumped out of our seats, grabbed our luggage, and got on the plane. 

Micayla kept talking about how excited she was and how much fun we were going to have! I couldnt stop thinking about how much fun we were going to have either!! After we settled down, we put in our headphones and both fell asleep listening to One Direction. 

*Ding* i heard as a speaker came on. "We will be landing in Los Angeles in roughly 15 minutes. Thank you for flying with us!" The flight attendant said. Did we really sleep through the whole flight? 

I got my stuff together and woke Micayla up by lightly shaking her. I took a headphone out of her ear and  told her we were going to be landing soon. She took the other headphone and started getting her stuff together too. "I cant believe were here!!" she said with the biggest smile she could give me. "Me either! Were in LA!!!!" i nearly screamed. 

Once we landed we picked up our stuff and walked off the plane, then headed to get our luggage.


i couldn't believe my eyes!! I mean we flew right over the Hollywood sign! It was so beautiful ! The palm trees,the bright sun! It was just such an amazing scenery. 

The plane landed and I was never so eager to explore before! We walked out of the plane and found our luggage! 



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