Summer love

School just ended & Micayla and Vanessa were out for the summer!
When suddenly they meet two of the boys from the biggest boy band in the world!!
What happens when an ordinary vacation turns into the most shocking experience of their lives?
Will falling for the same guy tear them apart or bring them closer together?
*Read to find out*


3. A new city


We walked out the airport doors to find such a beautiful city. Our rental car turned out to be as big as a limo! We both exchanged looks of amazement! We hopped in the vehicle and talked the whole way there about our plans!

We Finally arrived at our hotel !! It was probably the biggest hotel I've ever seen!

"can you believe this?" vanessa said.

"This is like a dream" I managed to reply! I felt so shocked and so amazed it was overwhelming !

i went to go get our key as Vanessa bought us a map of the city so we could know our way around and so we could find out the best places to shop,eat,and visit.

we got up into our room to find a suite! It was so awesome !! 


I literally just fell on the floor of exhaustion!

it was nearly 4:00pm, but the plane had made us so tired! 

We were woken up around 9:00pm by loud music! 

"Vanessa" I said.

"yeah?" She replied sounding tired 

"can you call the front office and complain about the music?" I said 

"okay!" She nodded in agreement

about 1 hour later still nothing was done.

We decided to take things into our own hands.

we followed the sound of the music and it led us to the end of the hallway.

we begin banging on the door of frustration!!

finally the music stopped and the door opened.

our mouths dropped,I froze so did Vanessa. I couldn't even move and our hands began shaking.....

because standing right in front of us were no other then zayn malik and Niall Horran from one direction.


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