I failed her (True story... My story...)

I use to know a girl, back in year 9 at high school. Her name was Megan and I couldn't help her. I tried and tried but it wasn't enough. Sometimes I wonder if it WAS my fault. I failed her. I failed the girl I loved. I want you to keep in mind, as you read this, that this is a true story. This is the story on how I lost the love of my life to bullying and cruelty and eventually death.

<3 Megan, I'll miss you forever baby. <3


6. She has gone

It got much worse. In another movellas I will share all of her diary entries, but for now I will sum up her last few days on Earth. It's still painful after all these years. 

The day I found out was the day Megan did it. It should have been a happy day for her. It was her 16th birthday. The date was 05/02/10. Two weeks before that they had started again. They were beating her, laughing at her and sending stupid and ugly texts. They called her a bitch, whore, slut, fat, ugly, stupid and much, much more. They told her to go die in a hole or kill herself. It pains me to say this, but she ended up doing the latter... Where we met was a lovely lush green hill with a large oak. That was also where I found her. Earlier that day I had seen her bruises. Someone had taken a picture in the locker room while she was changing and sent the picture around school. I went up to her while she was looking at her phone. I took it from her hands and read the texts on her phone. The ones that told her to die and called her names. The numbers were all anonymous  I tried to talk to her, but she pushed me away and ran out of the school. I yelled at someone to get the head teacher. When he came out I told him what was happening with the phone texts and handed him the phone. I then ran. Faster then I ever had before, but I wasn't quick enough. I knew where she was going of course. She always goes to the tree on the hill when she is upset. What I saw was definitely not what I expected. Blood was seeping from the fresh cuts on her arms. She was drenched in it. Below her, in a pool of her blood lay some glass. The glass later turned out to be from her mirror which she had smashed, she probably did that because she started to believe those texts about her. The most disturbing part was what she had done after this. A thick rope around her neck connected her to the tree. She had hung herself.


When I found Megan she was still alive, but only just. I had run to her and scooped up the sharp of glass and sliced away at the rope. She fell and I caught her in my arms, oblivious to the blood. She looked at me and studied my face with her gorgeous blue eyes. Tears started to fall down both of our faces. I told her I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't protect her. She had smiled a weak smile and told me it wasn't my fault. That she was the one who should be sorry not me. She had put a bloody hand on my face and I held it there with my own. I looked her in the eyes and told her I loved her and that she needed to stay with me. She told me she loved me to and kissed me. Our first kiss, but also our last. After she had leaned into me and whispered, "This isn't your fault. It's theirs. I love you and never forget me." I promised her I would never forget her. I promised. Her body went limp and I broke down. I sobbed over her body and kept whispering to her to come back, but it was no use. She was gone. The love of my life gone. Just like that. I wiped my tears on my sleeve and saw the note lying on the ground a couple feet away. Without reading it I put it in my pocket. I put my arms under Megan and lifted her up. Her long blonde hair was matted in her blood. Tears carried on streaming down my face that was void of emotion. Only my eyes and tears showed how I was feeling. I carried her through the town and to the school. When people saw me with Megan's body they gasped, some even screamed. Everyone new Megan. She helped around town a lot, mostly charity work. I ignored all of them and kept walking. Behind me some actually began to follow me, when I glanced behind me I saw all of their faces showed grief and dispare. I walked and walked until I reached the school. I walked inside. Everyone cried out in fear when they saw Megan. I walked strait over to Samantha and her gang, who was getting told off by the Head, when he found out Samatha's number matched with the anonymous number on Megan's phone. I stopped in front of them and they turned to me. They saw the bloodied figure in my arms and their eyes widened. The Head turned and also saw Megan. Disbelief show in his face. I lay Megan gently on the floor as if she was sleeping and kneeled beside her. By then a crowed had gathered. Everyone saw the cuts on her arms and the blood that had flowed from them. They saw the rope burns around her neck. For the first time in 13 weeks they saw her pain. I gently stroked Megan's hair behind her ear and looked up from her pale face. I looked straight into Samantha's eyes and asked her a simple question. "Why?" She just broke down in tears and said nothing.

I had brought my dead love into school and walked through town on the way, just to show them what bullying could do to someone. To show them that it hurts. To show them Megan and how badly she wanted to be free of the bullying and the lengths she would go to brake out of her torture.

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