I failed her (True story... My story...)

I use to know a girl, back in year 9 at high school. Her name was Megan and I couldn't help her. I tried and tried but it wasn't enough. Sometimes I wonder if it WAS my fault. I failed her. I failed the girl I loved. I want you to keep in mind, as you read this, that this is a true story. This is the story on how I lost the love of my life to bullying and cruelty and eventually death.

<3 Megan, I'll miss you forever baby. <3


2. Day one: The beginning

(The following is Megan's P.O.V which I got from some witnesses after the end. Luckily some were close enough to hear the whispers that took place.)

"Oi!" Cried Samantha, the 'popular' girl around the school, also Megan's soon to be known bully. Megan turns.

"Yeah?" She says, in her usual cheery voice.

"You the new girl?" Samantha asks. Megan nods.

"I'm actually looking forward t-" Megan cuts off the middle of her sentence as she gets slapped round the face.

"Well," Snarled Samantha. "You’re a piece of s**t aren't you?" Megan just stares shocked. Samantha leans over to Megan and whispers in her ear. "You think it's gonna be easy for you here? Well think again b***h. Oh, and if you tell anyone about our little chat, you're dead." Thats when Samantha stalks off and I enter the hall. I walk over to Megan smiling, as I had not seen what had taken place.

"So, how has your day been?" I asked, as period 6 had just ended and it was time to head back home. Megan turns to me and smiles. I frown. "What happened to your cheek? It's red." I say. Her eyes widen and she starts to rub it.

"Must have put too much blush on at lunch," She says as we start to walk out of the hallway and out of the science block.

I should have known she was lying. All the signs were there: Her nervousness and twitchiness. Also her distractedness on our way home. I didn't know what she was thinking about then, but I do know. She was thinking about her encounter with Samantha and what her new bully would do next.

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