Ellie's Summer

This summer is going to be different. Much different. Ellie's parent planned to take her to England to start over. She was nervous it was her senior year and wanted to make the best of it. All is normal for Ellie when her school starts a fundraiser and 1Direction comes. Ellie ends up being Niall Horan's first real love.


2. New Ellie

   I have made a decision. I want to make an impression on people in England, I will totally change my image. I am sick of all of the bullying. I know, I know I shouldn't let them get to me and all that stuff . I've tried that and it hasn't been working to well. This was going to be quite the project, I thought to myself. I wanted to follow my dreams. In my dreams, I don't ask for much . I just want some friends, happiness and maybe even a boyfriend. I had no friends. Last year, we went on a drive, and well, we had a car accident. noone died or anything but my best friend or should i say ex-bestfeiend got into coma and when she got out if it she bullied me.  Then they all had turned there backs on me ever since. I don't know what happened, we all went in different directions, I guess. I had to make the best of this move. 

2days later:

its time for us to go on our way to England. I keep on going I will meet 1D but I highly doubt that will happen. I had followed my plan on changing my well, life kinda. I hadn't died my hair or anything. Since I am really Irish, I still have reddish-brown hair and blue-green eyes and tons of freckles. I'm not saying that I changed into a monster or anything like that. I looked like I have a whole different personality. I wanted to waer stuff that I actually liked. Instead of how I did dress I just wore hand- me - downs fom my parents friends daughters who outgrew this stuff. So I'm not like a bad person or anything I just dress to fit my personality. There was someone sitting sideways from me he was blond had blue eyes and a Irish accent.  I also have an Irish accent. We chatted for a while. His name was Niall or something like that. He looked familiar. I think I saw him on tv or something like that. I highly doubt It, though. He was going to the same town as me. I think I was starting to like him . Maybe I will see him at my new home.

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