The perfect life- ruined.....short story (finished)

Rose is 19 y.o. Her life is perfect. She has a boyfriend, is popular, the perfect family. One day she goes to a party with her bestie Emma. It is her bf's b-day and she cant wait to surprise him. But what happens when someone uninvited shows up?


8. WHAT??................The end

Rosie P.O.V.

I wake up in my old house, in my old room, in my old bed. Wait why am I not in Bonheur? I get out of the bed and walk down stairs. I see Emma standing there. "Hey Rosie are you ready for Connor's party?" She ask.

Wait what? "Ummm I need to go up stairs." I run to my room and sit on my bed. I get a text from Connor: 'Hey babe, I miss you!' OMG this can't be happening................all of it was a DREAM!


**HEY GUYS, I'm sorry I couldn't think of a ending!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you liked this short story!!!!!!!!**


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