The perfect life- ruined.....short story (finished)

Rose is 19 y.o. Her life is perfect. She has a boyfriend, is popular, the perfect family. One day she goes to a party with her bestie Emma. It is her bf's b-day and she cant wait to surprise him. But what happens when someone uninvited shows up?


2. Perfect night ;)

 "My favorite!" Connor says. We sing happy birthday. I cut the cake and give him the first piece, he grins takes a big bite then puts some frosting on his finger then puts it in my face. I squeak run after him and jump on his back. I whisper in his ear "meet me on the patio in ten minutes or DIEEEE!" I jump off and run away. Ten minutes later I walk out on the patio and watch the night sky.I feel a pair of arms grab my waist. I turn and his him on the lips quickly then pull away. I smile and turn to the sky again. He walks next to me. I hold his hand, our hands fit perfectly together. I smell his cologne, and I want to rember  this moment forever. We see fireworks   going off and I lean over the railing. 





^Authors note!!! srry for the short chapter but there is a HUGE part about to come!^

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