The perfect life- ruined.....short story (finished)

Rose is 19 y.o. Her life is perfect. She has a boyfriend, is popular, the perfect family. One day she goes to a party with her bestie Emma. It is her bf's b-day and she cant wait to surprise him. But what happens when someone uninvited shows up?


7. Just a normal day at home

I wake up to Connor kissing my nose tip. "Sorry babe, I didn't try to wake you up." He says quietly

"It's okay love. You know what I really want right now?..............PANCAKES!" I giggle at his chuckle and we walk downstairs into the MASSIVE kitchen. I think of a huge stack of pancakes with syrup and they appear. "I still think I'm dreaming!" I smirk, "This is too perfect, everything I could ever want- and you." I say the last part looking at him.

"Same here." He says wrapping his arms around me. I grab a few pancakes and eat them. He does the same in silence-it wasn't awkward or anything but peaceful. "Let's go swimming!"

"Okay!" We go to the bed room and I put on a aqua colored string bikini. He puts on white swim trunks. "Race yea-3,2,...................1!!!!" We  run outside and jump in the pool.

"Not cool it was a tie!" We swim around all day till it gets dark. We go in the house and watch one of my favorite movies Tuck Everlasting. (It is a really good movie watch it-its also a book).I fell asleep in his arms watching the movie at the scene with the lake. "I will love you always." I hear Connor whisper.

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