Truly, Madly, Deeply

"I love your laugh, your smile, everything about you. I love how you trust me no matter what, and I love the way you make the best of everything. And Felicity, I love you."


5. Well, If It Isn't Me

  "Honey wake up." my mom said to me.

   I rub my eyes to clear the blurriness and there she is standing there.

   "I'm up." I say giving her a smile.

   "Okay, get dressed and come downstairs. Breakfast is ready." she says patting my back. I give her a nod as if to say I'll be there.

   I throw on some random clothes I found in my dresser and headed downstairs.

   "FELICITY!!!" Brooke yells enveloping me in a hug. I hug her back, my sweet little sister.    

   "Good Morning Brooke." I say to her.

   Instead of answering she just gives me a toothy grin and runs to the table for breakfast. I sit down across from her(as usual) and  enjoy my breakfast. Eggs with a side of bacon, just like Brooke. Everything was how it should be.

   "FELICITY!" Brooke yells.

   "Yes?" I say back.

   "FELICITY!" she yells again.

  "Brooke, what is it?" I ask a little annoyed.


  "FELICITY!" Brooke yells.

  I jump out of bed a little disoriented. I look around in my room. None of that happened. Mom never talked to me, I never got dressed, I never gave Brooke a genuinely happy hug, and I never enjoyed a good breakfast. Well, of course I didn't. It was all just a dream. My paradise was all just a dream. Great start for the day don't you think?

  "Felicity go get dressed." she said. UGHHHHH.

   I got up and grabbed some shorts. I looked around for a shirt. I came across a long sleeve shirt and threw it to the side distastefully. I always thought it was really weird to wear a long sleeve shirt with shorts. It's okay the other way around, but shorts with a long sleeve shirt? No. I put on a plain white t-shirt and head downstairs for breakfast.

  This morning was....interesting. Breakfast was the same. So was the ride to school. My whole life is a repeat cycle, I guess now was the time to finish the rest of the cycle. When I arrive to school I run to the back again. I mean Harry DID catch me, but he ran away so I'm pretty sure I'm fine.

  I sat on the back stairs for a little while. I pulled out my phone and put my earphones in my ear. I put Titanium by David Guetta back on. I has a special sort of rhythm that is catchy. When I'm about halfway through my song I feel one of my headphones get pulled out.

  "Well, if it isn't little Felicity."

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