Truly, Madly, Deeply

"I love your laugh, your smile, everything about you. I love how you trust me no matter what, and I love the way you make the best of everything. And Felicity, I love you."


6. The Last Pair

  “Well, if it isn't little Felicity,” a voice said. Sorry if I couldn't exactly tell who it is, seeing as I was so RUDELY interrupted by some obvious jerk.

   “HEY!” I shrieked before my eyes could come to meet who pulled my earphones out. It was Harry. 

  “I guess I've found you” he said smirking.

  Can I not get a break around here? I just want some peace and quiet without some idiot disturbing me. But I guess my feelings don't matter. I sighed and glared at him. He wasn't worth my time. When I was sure he got my message, I started to walk away. I heard footsteps behind me and suddenly I felt his hand grab my wrist and turn me around.

  “LEAVE ME ALONE! You've treated me like crap this year and I'm sick of it so let me go!" I said and wriggled my wrist out of his hand.

  He grabs my wrist again. I try and wriggle out but his grip is too tight.

  “GOD STYLES what is wrong with you?! I don’t want to be bothered! And if you can’t except that then cry me a river, build yourself a bridge and GET OVER IT.” I scream at him.

  I look around just to make sure no one heard. I wasn't exactly in the mood for a scene. Now that I think of it, I’m not in the mood for anything, and certainly not this. He loosens his grip on my wrist and I immediately pull away. I walk back towards the school.

  “I’m not scared of you Felicity,” he says.

  I stop in my tracks and turn around. I look at his curly hair and his green eyes and his stupid smirk sprawled across his lips. With enough courage, I stomp towards him until I’m just inches away from his face.

  "Never said you were, but for your sake you better be," I whisper and walk towards the school, not looking back.




  I was now walking to third period, not as glum as usual. Don’t get me wrong, the day so far sucked because of people constantly laughing at me, but I guess standing up to Harry gave me a boost.

  I walked into the classroom and took a seat in the very back. I got all of my supplies I needed while I waited for Mr.Rissmen to start teaching. I look around and noticed that Brittany was already there sitting in the front, gossiping about something. Had Harry told about what happened this morning? Suddenly, Harry came stomping in. Brittany told the girl next to her to get up and move so Harry could sit there(and she obviously did). Brittany leaned her hands on his shoulders but he just shrugged them off. Brittany grew a confused look on her face. I guess he didn't tell.

  “Everybody settle down. Surprise! Today is the day I will be announcing the partners” He said awefully chirpy.

  Everyone started whispering to their friends about the project partners.

  “I hope I get to be with you.”

  “If we aren't partners, my life will be over.”

  “I wonder who she will get paired up with.”

  I looked over at the girl who said that. She was staring at me with a smirk on her face. Figures.

  I look over at Brittany and Harry. I catch Brittany interlocking her fingers with Harry’s. He didn't do anything this time, but it did look more like he was just tolerating it.

  “May I remind you that I will be choosing the partners so don’t expect to be with someone you want to be with because there is a high chance you won’t be with that person,” he says looking over at Harry and Brittany. She just flashes her million-dollar smile towards the teacher and as usual he falls for it.

   “So anyway, without further a do, I will announce the partners.” Everyone let out a bunch of squeals as if it would bring them some sort of good luck. Sure it will…

  “Okay, here are the partners:”

  “Emily and Bailey.”

  “Julia and Nate.”

  That was as far as I heard before I zoned out all of the squealing and gasping. But I did seem to catch a few names.

  “Brittany and Giselle.”

  Brittany’s face fell when her name wasn't called with Harry’s. She looked at Giselle and turned back around distastefully. In her defense, Giselle looked really eager. Like I’m-about-to-explode eager. But Harry didn't seemed to mind. I’ll bet he won’t mind who he gets paired up with.

  The last pair was announced.

    “Harry and Felicity.”


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