Truly, Madly, Deeply

"I love your laugh, your smile, everything about you. I love how you trust me no matter what, and I love the way you make the best of everything. And Felicity, I love you."


3. Talk About Hell

  "FELICITY!" Brooke yelled at me.

  This time I don't struggle to get up. I was actually quite hungry considering I didn't have dinner last night. I jump up and put on a t-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. Once I'm ready I  rush downstairs for breakfast. I've never thought that cereal was so good! I stuff my face with cereal and am done within seconds. Today felt like a cheery day for me. Brooke comes and sits down across from me.

  "There you are! I thought you were still in bed." She said happily.

  Mom shuffles down the stairs and and comes to kiss Brooke on her forehead. She whispers something in her ear.

  "Yay! Daddy's coming! Daddy's coming!"

  That must mean dad's coming back from one of his many business trips. He ignores me too so why should I care? I start to question why she just told Brooke but the answer was quite obvious.

  Mom walks out the door, meaning I had to follow. I hop in the back seat and she drives me to school. I jump out of the car and walk happily to school. I stop in my place when I snap back into reality. My mom still hates me and Harry and Brittany still want to torture me. My smile drops completely and I start walking towards the bushes back the back of the school. I plan to hide there and wait until Harry and Brittany leave.

  I pull out my phone and listen to Titanium by David Guetta. The song can sooth me and calm me down a bit when I really need it. I hummed to the beat and tap my foot on the soft, wet grass. My paradise ends when the school bell rings.

  I wait until the school building has cleared to start walking to my first period, without Harry or Brittany I might add. I make my way to Mr.Pearson's class. I take a seat in the very back to avoid people and try my best not to be noticed. As Mr. Pearson starts teaching, I kind of zone out. I mean French can't be THAT important. 

  Once Mr.Pearson is done yapping about something stupid, the bell rings so I can finally leave. I head to my next period with Mr.Rissmen. The entire class takes their seats, including me. When Harry and Brittany walk in they decide to sit next to me. GREEEAAATT.

  "What's up Felicity." Brittany said with a smirk.

  Harry however is ignoring my presence like my mom. SOMEONE'S GRUMPY. 

   "Just fine until you came." I mumble under my breath.

   "And she speaks." Brittany teases.

   I have to survive an hour with them? Kill me now.

   "So, where were you this morning? I was bummed out that I didn't get to see you." She said.

   I decide not to answer her, maybe if I don't speak to it it'll go away. She starts to notice and pouts.

   "And I was just liking the fact that you spoke." She says.

   "I'm sorry, am I interrupting your conversation?" Mr.Rissmen says to us.

   "Oh, no I'm sorry. Felicity over here keeps distracting me from my work.'" Brittany says.

   Mr.Rissmen looks me over with disappointment.

   "Well, Felicity, I guess I will see you in detention." He says handing me a detention slip.

   Gee, thanks Brittany. As if reading my mind, she looks over at me and smirks. Detention will be hell. I can't believe I'm saying this but this day just got worse than it already is. 

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