Truly, Madly, Deeply

"I love your laugh, your smile, everything about you. I love how you trust me no matter what, and I love the way you make the best of everything. And Felicity, I love you."


2. Study Hall

  I head to study hall, which happens to be my last periods. Meaning I can finally escape from Brittany and Harry soon. Unfortunately, this happens to be the study hall I have with them. Great.

  I walk into the library and look around for an empty seat. Every seat was taken, even my usual spot in the corner.  There was no where to sit, except next to Brittany and Harry. I stared at them for what seemed like forever. They were holding each others hands and Brittany was whispering something in Harry's ear. She noticed me and stopped whispering. She patted the seat next to her, gesturing for me to sit next to her with a smirk plastered on her face. I really didn't want to. I kept looking around but it was no use. Even though I knew that I had to, I wouldn't budge.

  "Take a seat Miss Towers." The librarian yelled at me. I guess I'm sitting down. I edge away as much as I can from Brittany. 

  "Don't you think it's just great that me and Harry are going to be partners for the Shakespeare project?" She asked.

  "What makes you think you guys are going to be together. May I remind you that Mr.Rissmen DOES have a brain." I said coldly.

  "Doesn't matter what he thinks, whether he likes it or not, we are going to be partners." She said giving Harry a quick peck on the lips.

  "Harry babe, I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be right back." She said then walked away. Thank god! I thought she'd NEVER leave.

  I don't know why but my eyes are still stuck on Harry. Stupid Harry.

  "Take a picture, it'll last longer." Hey said with a smirk on his face.

  I rolled my eyes. "Whatever," I said turning my head so I don't have to face him.

  "Ohhh she's a feisty one" He said.

  "Don't you have anything better to do?" I say coldly.

  "Nope. I make it my priority to torture you" He said smiling.

  "I kind of already figured that out," I said giving him the same smile.

  "You mean it was that obvious?" He said sarcastically whilst gasping.

  "I-" I try but the librarian cuts me off.

  "SHHH!" She yelled. I look over to Harry and he has his finger over his mouth shushing me too. Jerk.

  Not soon after, Brittany returns. Don't ask me what she was doing in that bathroom, I honestly don't know. After a few more minutes of pure torture, the bell rings. I pack up my stuff and run out to the parking lot. I wait and wait for my mom to come. After 5 minutes she comes and drives me home. She still ignores my presence.

  As soon as we get inside Brooke comes running over to her.  

  "Mommy!Mommy!" She yells. Mom bends down on her knees and Brooke runs into her arms. I have to admit, I'm jealous. I've always wanted a mother daughter bond like that. I've always wanted someone to care about me like mom cares about Brooke, but that'll never happen. I run upstairs to my bedroom and lay down on my bed. Not crying or feeling any emotion. Just feeling lifeless.


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