Truly, Madly, Deeply

"I love your laugh, your smile, everything about you. I love how you trust me no matter what, and I love the way you make the best of everything. And Felicity, I love you."


7. I'll See You Later

  Harry and I. As partners. My day just keeps getting better.

  “HER?! WITH HIM?! This is INSANE!” Brittany yells.

  I look over at Giselle who now has a sad look on her face. She must be really desperate.

  “Brittany, calm down. I've made up my mind about the project partners. It’s done.” Mr. Rissmen says. Brittany pouted.

  “Mr.Rissmen, I’m sure you can make an exception. Harry and I make a very good team. If you let us be partners we won’t let you down.” She says and pouts some more.

  “I’m fine with that,” I blurt out. What?! I’m just trying to be honest. Brittany glares at me but quickly covers it up with a smile.

  “See? She’s willing to switch! It can be Harry and I and Giselle and…” she looks over at me distastefully.


  I look over at Giselle to see tears streaming down her face and even more threatening to spill over. She seriously needs a life.

  “No Brittany, I’m not changing my mind. Maybe you guys will make some new friends.” He said. I guess that was that.




  The school day went by in a blur. Whenever the teacher was teaching, I would just zone out and not pay attention. I can’t stop thinking about the fact that my partner is Harry. Considering what I said to him this morning I’m imagining it’s going to be hard to get along with each other.

  When I walk out of the school I look for Harry. The sooner we get this project finished the sooner I can stay away from him. I spot him across the hallway.

  “HARRY!” I yell.

  He stops to find out who was calling his name. When he realizes it’s me he picks up his pace and tries to outrun me. Before he can get away I run and catch up to him. I stand in front of him so he can’t move. He looks at his feet and avoids looking at me.

  “Are you still cranky about this morning?” I say to him jokingly.

  He lets out a slight laugh and tries to keep walking but I block his way.

  “Are you going to let me through?” he says coldly.

  “No, actually I’m not. We need to talk about the project.”

  “What about it?” he asks. This guy is completely clueless.

  “We have to work on it. So…when?" I ask. He stares of into space as if in deep thought. Then he just shrugs.

  “How about today after school? At your house?” I offer.

  He stares at me considering it then smirks. “You’d like that wouldn't you.” he says still smirking.

  “Get over yourself. So is that a yes or a no?”

  He sighs. "Why not,” he answers.

  He rolls his eyes. “Can I go now?” he says. I’m about to say yes and step aside when Brittany comes.

  “Harry, what are you doing with this loser?” she asks.

  “Just talking about the stupid project,” he blurts out.

  “I’m so sad we’re not partners. Stupid Mr.Rissmen.” she mumbles. She looks back at me like I'm a little kid who doesn't know when to leave them alone.. She grabs Harry and pushes past me. I guess I’ll see him later. 

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