Summer Love...

Kaya and Audrey have been best friends since 2nd grade. They tell each other every thing. It's the first day of summer and Kaya and Audrey go to a One Direction concert. When Kaya accidentally stumbles into Harry's dressing room will it be love at first sight? Will Kaya forget about her best friend? Find Out In 'Summer Love...'


2. The Concert

Kaya's P.O.V

I woke up and looked at my clock. It was 10:00, It took 1 hour to get to the Arena and the concert was at 12:00. I woke up Audrey. I told her to go and shower in the shower in my moms room. She left and I went to my shower In my room. After we were both showered we got dressed. In Black short Shorts, a black tank top, and a see through zebra striped cover up. Audrey wore White Short shorts and a green blouse. We got in my mom's car and started to drive. Once we got to the arena we got out of the car.

"Front row seats" Audrey says.

"yeah!" I say. We walk in and go to the floor area. We were right up against the stage waiting for One Direction to come out. They're we're about 10,000 other girls and boys they're. About ten minutes later the boys came out. They sang Heart Attack, Gotta be You, Up All Night, Kiss You, and I Would. Then they started answering questions.

"Okay so this questions from @ILuv1D and she wants to know who is single and who is taken?" Louis says. Everyone screamed.

"We'll everyone is single at the moment" Liam says.

"Next question is from @kittykatkaya and she wants to know is if we would date her and her friend?" Zayn says.


"Can Kaya and Audrey come on stage for us?" Harry asks. We both froze then two body guards came and grabbed us and led us to the stage. Before we knew it we were both on stage.

"Well Hello ladies" Harry says.

"What are your names?" Niall asks. Harry hands me a mic.

"I'm Kaya" I say then had the mic to Audrey.

"I'm Audrey" She says then hands the mic back to Harry.

"Now to answer your question, Louis would you date these lovely girls?" Harry asks Louis.

"Why of course and I'm sure that the other boys would date them too. Then Harry pulled me into a hug.

"Meet us backstage with your friend after the show" Harry whispers in my ear. Then Harry hugs Audrey and he pointed us backstage. We walked back stage and were pushed into a random dressing room. Then we looked at each other and screamed.

"Oh My Gosh Please Tell Me That Really Happened" Audrey screamed.

"Oh My Lord They Said They Would Date Us!!!" I scream.

"Oh my lord" Audrey says staring at the make up table full of make up.

"Makeup time" I say. Then me and Audrey run towards the makeup table. I apply mascara, lip stick, blush, and eye shadow. Audrey does the same.

"oh my gosh theres a closet full of clothes. Me and Audrey runin the closet and start trying on clothes. I put on this Black short skirt with a Blue blouse and 3 inch black heels. Audrey wore these Black short shorts with a red blouse and red 3 inch heels. We took pictures with each other And posted them on instgram. Then Someone walked in.

Harry's P.O.V

I walked in my dressing room and saw Kaya and Audrey. They jumped and turned around.

"oh sorry I didn't mean to scare you" I say. Kaya looked Stunning. Audrey did too but Kaya was...Wow.

"No It's okay we'll leave " Kaya says.

"no It's okay just sit on the couch." I say pointing to the couch. They sit on the couch and Cover they're eyes. I took of my shirt . I could see Kaya was still looking at me from the mirror.

"Oh sorry" She says once she saw I knew she was still looking. I smiled.

"No it's okay" I say.  Then this random black and white kitten walked out from under the make up table.

"oh my gosh it's so aorable" Kays says picking up the kitten. "I'm going to call you Oreo" She adds.

"Oh my gosh Kaya it's so cute" Audrey says.

"Audrey, I'm going to text my mom and ask her if I can keep her" Kaya says.

"awesome" Audrey says.

"crap she asked when we're going to be home, oh and she sid I could keep her" Kaya says.

"tell her tomorrow because I'm really tired" Audrey says.

"okay" Kaya says. "wait where are we goig to stay?" Kaya asks Audrey but I butt in.

"You can stay with Me and the boys at our hotel room" I say.

"oh Thanks" Kaya says.

Then I got changed and we walked out of the dressing room with Oreo. The boys were waiting for us in the car. I wonder what wil happen at the hotel room?

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