Summer Love...

Kaya and Audrey have been best friends since 2nd grade. They tell each other every thing. It's the first day of summer and Kaya and Audrey go to a One Direction concert. When Kaya accidentally stumbles into Harry's dressing room will it be love at first sight? Will Kaya forget about her best friend? Find Out In 'Summer Love...'


1. Best Friends!

Kaya's P.O.V

"Kaya" Audrey says passing me a note. We were in Mr.Hawkens last period class. He was up in the front of the class room talking to the class about Literature. It was the last day of school and 10 minutes until the bell rang to go home. I grabbed the note and read it.

'Can You wait until tomorrow!?!' I looked at Audrey who was smiling at me and smiled back. I took out my pencil and wrote.

'NO! We're going to see ONE DIRECTION IN CONCERT!! I CAN'T WAIT!' I fold the note and throw it on to her desk. He desk was right next to mine so I passed it to her with ease.

She opened the note and scribled something down on it. She put in on my desk. I unfolded the note and read it.

' We sould kidnapp them! LOL' I giggled a bit and wrote.

'IKR Like it's the master mind plan' I was about to pass it back when Mr.Hawkens says.

"I'll be taking that" The takes the note.

"I'm sorry Mr.Hawkens" I say. When He went back to the front of the room I rolled my eyes. Then the bell rang. Everyone grabbed their things and ran out the door. I went to my locker and stuffed everything in my tote. I waited under the cherry blossum tree for Audrey.

"Kaya" Audrey says walking towards me. I waved and started walking towards her.

"Let's go" I say. Audrey was spending the night at my house so we could leave for the One Direction Concert in the morning. We walked to my house and we walked in.

"MOM I'M HOME" I yell. Me and Audrey walk into the kitchen and see a note. It reads...

"Dear Kaya, I Had to run because of my job, Be good, Hope you have fun at your concert tomorrow, I give you permission to use my car. I Love You!! Love Mom," I says.

"so we're home alone" Audrey says.

"yep" I say. We both smile and run up to my room. Me and Audrey both started looking for something cute to wear for tomorrow.

Audrey's P.O.V

" OMG Kaya! Let's dress as food so we can get Niall's attention!!" I laughs.

" Yes!" she giggled.

" It would be so cool if I ended up with Harry and you ended up with-"

"LOUIS!!" I interrupted her.

" Yeah..." We both began to doze off in our own fangirling mind.

"How about we plan this whole, 'woops, we lost our way' when we run backstage!" I laughed.

"Better yet.. Lets sneek into their hotel rooms!" Kaya laughed like a maniac.

"Deal!" I laughed.

" I'll sneak into Liams bag and come out of his closet and ask 'Can I borrow this jumper'" Kaya Laughs. I laugh too.

"Oh My Gosh That would Be HILARIOUS!" I scream.

"Let's take a picture of us and tweet it to them" Kaya says. She pulls out her phone. We both puff up our cheeks . I make half of a heart with my hands and she makes the other half. We close our eyes and take a picture. We looked at the picture.

"PERFECT!" I say. Kaya tweets it to them.

@Kittykatkaya: @OneDirection Would you ever date me (The One With The Blonde Curly Hair) and my Bestie Audrey (The One With The Brown Hair)?

Then she tweets it. We both start laughing nonstop.

"I can't wait for tomorrow" I say.

"Me neither, We have the perfect outfits and the best signs!" Kaya says.

"And the perfect plan" I say. we both laugh.

"I know....Just 'Accidentally fall into a dressing room'" Kaya laughs.

"Yeah" I say.

"BUBBLES" Kaya yells randomly.

"Let's get pizza" I say.

"Okay" Kaya says then dials Papa Johns number.

"Hello" Kaya says. "We would like one pepperoni and one cheese pizza" She says. She gave the person the address and phone number.

"Let's hope for a cute Pizza guy" I say.

"OH my gosh" Kaya says laughing.

About thirty minute later the pizza guy came.  Kaya and I race to the door trying to see if he were cute, Kaya got there first. Only to be disappointed that it was a girl.

" Thanks for the pizza." Kaya said bluntly. I could only laugh. After she closed the door, She gave me the look, and i mean "THE LOOK" (get your heads out of your asses, it's not a hat)

" IS THIS SOME FUCKING GAME TO YOU?!?!?" Kaya screamed. At that point I could barely breathe. She grabbed a pillow and started beating me with it.

" Now let's go eat." She said calmly after brutally assaulting me with a pillow. She grabbed the pizza and confidently walked into the kitchen. After we ate a delicious meal, we went upstairs and went to sleep.


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