The Perfect Boy

As Mandie is off from school she meets a boy, He ends up giving her his number. As Mandie tells her best friend Claire about her new friend Harry. They relize they met him before, but back then they were just fans. Mandie And Harry Get up close and personal. But this love story doesnt just stop at Mandie And Harry, Claire Meets Niall and sparks start to fly instantly. Will Mandie And Harry Go Out On A Date? Will Mandie Become Harrys New Babe? Will Claire Meet Niall? Will Claire And Niall Be Lovers? You Have To Keep Reading To Find Out c;

Hey Babe's , My Name is Mandie. Im really new at this so im sorry if it sucks. I hope you guys like it ! Please Feel Free to leave comments & Maybe if your lucky you'll be in my story as a lover for the other guys.


3. The Perfect Date With A Perfect Boy

I walk over to Harry 


I give him a smile and say "Hey Harry" 


He grabs me by my waste and says " Hey beautiful, ready for dinner?"


I nod , i walk toward the door to Nando's . Harry pulls me back.


"Where are you going babe?"


"Oh , i thought." i was so confused, 


"Its our first date, i want it to be romantic " Harry says pulling me away from the door. 


We walk for what seems to be forever, but i like it. We turn this last corner , and we hit the beach. The beach where we met to be exact. I see a blanket on the shore with candles around it, it was a beautiful picnic. 

He says " Its not much, but its where i met the prettiest girl ever" 


I start to blush and i say " Harry you didnt have to go through this much trouble"


He kisses me, I felt my heart flutter . It felt like a fairytale. He runs to the beach, i chase after him. He takes my hand and we sit down. We have pasta, and then we have a water fight. He takes me to his place. Its just like mine, In a flat i mean. 


He says " Mandie your diffrent, when i met you i spent my nights next to my phone hoping you would call. Even though we basicly just met, i love you. i want to spend every day and night with you." 


I start to blush agian. I grab his hand, We walk over to his window and we see the stars. We talk for a few hours, then he grabs me and raps me in his arms. I stay the night at his place, but for most of the night we didnt sleep if you know what i mean. 


"Harry, Harry?"


"Yeah babe?'


" I like you harry, "


"I like you too " says harry , He gives me a kiss and raps me in his arms. He asks me something, something every directioner dreamed of.

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