The Perfect Boy

As Mandie is off from school she meets a boy, He ends up giving her his number. As Mandie tells her best friend Claire about her new friend Harry. They relize they met him before, but back then they were just fans. Mandie And Harry Get up close and personal. But this love story doesnt just stop at Mandie And Harry, Claire Meets Niall and sparks start to fly instantly. Will Mandie And Harry Go Out On A Date? Will Mandie Become Harrys New Babe? Will Claire Meet Niall? Will Claire And Niall Be Lovers? You Have To Keep Reading To Find Out c;

Hey Babe's , My Name is Mandie. Im really new at this so im sorry if it sucks. I hope you guys like it ! Please Feel Free to leave comments & Maybe if your lucky you'll be in my story as a lover for the other guys.


2. Its The Girl From The Beach

 Oh my gosh, i cant beileve he answered! Was he waiting for me to call him? Maybe ..




"Ello Love, may i ask who's calling?" says Harry, oh gosh his accent is adorable 


"It's Mandie, from the beach yesterday.If you dont remeber thats fine" 


" I think a date would jog my memory. I would like to go on a date tonight, Is that okay babe?"


"Oh Yes , that'd be wounderful!"


"i'll meet you at the corner resterant, by your flat. 6:30"


"I Cant Wait!"


I turn around to be face to face with Claire, She has this weird smerk on her face. like your "welcome hoe"


I hug her tightly screaming "THANK YOU CLAIRE BEAR THANK YOU". We do this old fangirl dance/scream and fall back on my bed. I turn to look at the clock. 

"Oh Gosh its 4:30, What do i wear?I HAVE TO TAKE A SHOWER!"


I run into the bathroom, Claire Yells at me from the other side 




Claire starts my one direction cd. I get out of the shower to see a cute outfit and purfume bottle laid on my bed. But theres no claire. By Now its 5pm, 

"i'll Call her later" I say to my self

My phone starts to ring , its Harry . I start to smile. It says " I cant wait to see you beautiful" My heart starts to beat faster

I'm almost done getting ready , I walk out of my flat and i turn the corner where the nando's is. I see him, I wave . My face looks at the ground and i smile. 


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