Last First Kiss

Niall has a surprise for Lucy. But Lucy being Lucy she's curious about what it is..


2. The surprise.

*20 minutes later* 


Nialls taken me to my favourite restaurent, It's empty with a table for 2 in the middle. The whole restaurent is candle lit, rose pettles everywhere. I knew this was something special. The restaurent looks amazing, Niall looks amazing. Everytime i look at him i get butterflies, he's so romantic. I love him so much, i cant even describe how much. He makes my life. I dont know what id be without him. Before i met him, i was so consious about myself and when i met him he made me feel beautiful.  

NIALL'S POV: Wow. She looks fucking beautiful. That dress just makes her look irresistable. She knows I love that dress.    I led her into the restaurent, everything was perfect. I pulled her chair out for her and pushed it in as she sat down. I kissed her neck cause she loves it when i do that. I love this girl. Lucy Sarah Horan; it sounds just right. I have the feeling I had when i first met her; it was a butterfly sort of feeling. I'm sitting here with the girl i want to be with forever.                  

 *An hour and a half later*

"Lucy, theres something i want to say. I love you so more than anything in the world, I dont care what anybody thinks or says. Nobody can stop me from loving you this much. Your eyes,your lips, your nose, your body is just perfect. Everything about you is perfect, no matter what you say. Lucy, what I'm trying to say is... will you marry me?"

 "Yes! A million times yes! I love you so much Niall. You are the best boyfriend, well fiancée now, i could ever wish for. The ring is beautiful, Niall. I love you so fucking much"   I'm getting married to the girl of my dreams. I love her.            

*In the car* 


I'm getting married to the man of my dreams.

*Phone call to grace*

Grace:how did it go?


Grace:Oh my god. I'm so happy for you. Whats the ring like? Niall,did you get the one you showed me?

Niall: Yeaah, you were right; she loved it.

Me: I sure do. I love you Niall.

Niall: I love you Luc'!

Grace: Awwh, babieees.

*Phone call ends*



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