Last First Kiss

Niall has a surprise for Lucy. But Lucy being Lucy she's curious about what it is..


1. Before the surprise.

Nialls taking Lucy out for a date tonight; they've been going out for 4 years now. Niall's decided he's going to propose to her. 


I'm so nervous, I'm proposing to Lucy tonight! I've rehearsed everything I'm going to say in the mirror about a million times; I want everything to be perfect tonight. I've told Lucy to get ready the date. She looks beautiful in everything she wears especially that black dress she looks sexy in that! She's the one for me, I know it. I love Lucy more than anything in this world. All I want is to make her happy,I'd give anything and everything just to see her smile. Everything about her is beautiful. I just want to be with her forever. But, when she's alone does she think of me? Am I the reason behind her smile? 



Niall's told be to get ready because hes got a surprise for me. I have no clue where hes taking me yet i am excited cause i this is the first date we've had in ages cause he's been on tour. When he's on tour and I get a skype call, a phone call or a text message from him, i still get butterflies and it reminds me of what an amazing boyfriend he is. I know he's loyal and truthful. I love him so much, i never want to lose him. He makes me complete. 

I've decided I'm going to wear the black dress with my black pumps; he loves that dress.

*phone call to grace*

Grace: So, what you wearing for your date tonight?!

Me: How do you know I'm going on a date?

Grace: Niall told Louis and Louis told me.

Me: I'm wearing my black dress

Grace: ooh saucy! You expecting for an extra tonight then? Haha.

Me: Maybee; haha. Grace: Well, let me know how it goes tonight!

Me: I will babee!

 *Phone call ends*                            


 NIALL'S POV: 7;45 nearly 8;00. I'm so nervous. What if she says no? What do I do then?

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