Last First Kiss

Niall has a surprise for Lucy. But Lucy being Lucy she's curious about what it is..


3. 11 months later..


*11 months later*



Today's the day. Today is the day i become Lucy Sarah Horan. The 9th May 2O13. The bridesmaids look beautiful. All of them; Daisy, Grace,Olivia and Annie. Their dresses are light pink. But my dress is gorgeous. Its white with swarovski diamonds scattered all over it. I have my hair in a bun with curls coming down around it. Today is going to special. 


Niall POV:

I'm with Louis,Harry,Zayn and Liam right now; getting ready now. I cant believe I'm getting! Just in half an hour I'll be in the church marrying Lucy. I'm shaking. I'm so nervous. 

Louis: Niall, what you would you do if I tried to stop the wedding? 

Niall: It's not time to be cracking jokes Lou!



Niall is getting married today. Niall. The baby of the band is the first to be getting married out of all of us. I want today to be perfect for him, he deserves it. Lucy is going to look amazing; but i wana see what Grace looks like ;). 



We're at the church now. The bridesmaids are starting to walk down the isle. Any second now im going to be at the other end of the isle getting married to my babiee. 




*20 Minutes later*

"I now pronounce you husband and wife; you may kiss the bride"

Niall came in and gave me the best kiss i have ever had. fucking hell. I'm Mrs Horan. Niall swepped me off my feet and carried me back to the limo with the girls and boys. Louis and Grace, Harry and Daisy, Liam and Olivia, Zayn and Annie, Niall and Me. This is the best day of my life. 




I'm married! I'm the happyest guy on earth. Mr&Mrs Horan. 


*11hours later*


Lucy and I are on our way back to our house. I pulled her onto my lap, brushed her hair off her neck and kissed the side of her neck. 

"I love you babie" Before she could say anything i gave her a kiss on her soft pink lips. 


We're in the house now, she's gone upstairs to get changed. 

"Niall! Come up here a second babe" 

I went upstairs into our room and on our bed was lucy. I walked towards the bed and lifted her up wrapping her legs around my waist. Kissing her. I put her back on the bed, whilst she unbuttoned my shirt and took my trousers and boxers off. I then pulled her knickers and bra off. 



I put my hand around his penis, going up and down faster. He loves this. 

He pushed me back on the bed putting his penis inside me. Thrusting slowly but after a while picking up speed and strength. 

"Baby come on. Come on, harder. Faster!"

"Okay! Thats as hard and fast as i can go!"

His thrust slowed down. Looked in my eyes, kissed me then rolled off me. 



"Wow, that was amazing baby"

"I know, Niall. I know!"


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