Kayla didn't have an opinion of One Direction. There songs were catchy but she only knew the Top Hits. Kayla stood there as her friends gawped at The Boys. She was puzzled at why they went crazy over them. She her self, loved Ed Sheeran, Nina Nesbit, The Kooks, The Wombats. Then something changed....


2. Twitter to text....


@KAYLANEWLY101: Hey, don't be weird

@HARRYSTLES: I'm not weird, xxx

@KAYLANEWLY101: Shame, aha look I'm not going to treat you differently. Just saying, if you want to get with some crazy stalker gal don't talk to me. I don't want to waste my time on twitter. I have things to do. Okay?


@KAYLANEWLY101: Hi, I'm Kayla, you? xx

@HARRYSTYLES: Harry, nice to meet you xx (can we go to texting?)

@KAYLANEWLY101: First, kik we are only on first name bases, so not yet. xx

@HARRYSTYLES: I guess, beautiful xxx


Once they'd swapped kik names, they stopped talking until Kayla's phone beeped first thing in the morning. "Kayla? Turn that damn thing off!" Jamie says, angry that she's  been woken up early. 

Harry: You're number?xx

You: Whatever, sure x

Harry: You changed your mind, :) xx

You: Well first thing in the morning is the best time to ask me something. xx

Harry: Oh, sorry, go back to sleep xx

You: don't worry I'm up now x

Harry: Here's mine; *********** xxx

You: Thanks, heres mine: ************ Call me x


Kayla didn't think he'd call so go back into bed, next to Jamie and Alvie by her feet.  Then a quiet sound of 'Naive' by The Kooks woke her small daze. "Hello?" 


"Who's this?" Kayla asks, sleepily

"This is Harry-" He stopped himself, "Just harry,"

"Hi, the person you're talking to is Kayla, hi!" Kayla beamed as she cringed, she was talking to Harry, Harry who can most likely talk to any girl if he wanted to but he was talking to her.

"Hey, so, beautiful, I want to ask you something... Do you wanna grab a Starbucks?"

"Sure!" Kayla loved the Caramel Frappucions, they were the one thing she craved during exams and studying. "When?"

"How about today, are you free?" Harry asked her,

 "I think so... Yeah I am!" Kayla said, walking around her room, 

"SHUT UP AND LEAVE NOW!" Alvie shouts, she was never a morning person. Kayla smiled and tiptoed out the room and sat on the stairs, she could hear Harry chuckle through the phone. 

"See you then!" Kayla says, quickly ending the chat. Wow. She has a Starbucks date with Harry. 


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