Kayla didn't have an opinion of One Direction. There songs were catchy but she only knew the Top Hits. Kayla stood there as her friends gawped at The Boys. She was puzzled at why they went crazy over them. She her self, loved Ed Sheeran, Nina Nesbit, The Kooks, The Wombats. Then something changed....


1. How it started....


Okay, doors locked, windows shut. Ugh, collage was so stressful. Glad am having a girlie night in with my two best friends...

"Guys can we at least talk?! They're not even online yet!" Kayla asked her two best friends who were on a video chat thing waiting for one direction band thingy to go online. "Please? You both promised we wouldn't be on technology all the time!" 

"Okay, I gues-" Jamie, Kayla's oldest best friend started before Alvie, Kayla's best friend interupted her, 

"THEY'RE ONLINE, EVERYONE SHUT UP!" "OMG IT'S HARRY STYLES!" Jamie and Alvie screamed in unison. 

Ugh, I'll take that as a 'no' then? Kayla thought to herself.

KAYLANEWLY101: Why does every girl lose mind at the thought of 'HARRY STYLES' also why not just 'Harry'?

I just don't get why they cant be treated like people instead of gods?! @HarryStyles

Kayla pops her headphones into her ears, Autumn leaves blasting through her ears, loudly relaxing her body. Then suddenly, Jamie whacks Kayla's earphones onto the floor. "You Bitch!" Jamie says, playfully. 

"What?" Kayla says sleepily as if waking up from a sleep. 

"This girl, 'Kaylanewly101' is flipping hilarious, everyone follow her on twitter!"

"Omg, seriously follow her, that girl is so truthful. No hate."

"Aha, we got owned!"

"So?" Kayla asks, slightly excited, but trying to 'keep her cool'

"So?! It's a flipping big deal!" Alvie shrieked, suddenly Kayla's phone started to ping out of control. "Omg, people are actually following you!" Alvie says to Kayla. Once the pinging slows down, a voice from the computer says, 

"Harry, ahahaha... Erm, KAYLANEWLY101 follow us back, pleasey!" 

"WHAT?! THEY'RE FOLLOWING YOU?!" Jamie screams, stealing Kayla's phone and going on twitter to follow the boys whilst Alvie and Kayla read the comments... All of them were mean. 

"Ignore them, they're just crazed fans, don't worry about it!" Alvie says, closing the comment bar. Kayla just nodded, trying to shake off the comments. She tried to, anyway. 


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