Pirate Story

Mini-historie/digt om en pige som ønsker at blive Pirat.
Engelsk, lady's and gentlemen.


1. Pirate Story


I was a pirate girl, who lived so dull

I wanted to board a ship and travel through the world

But the pirates said no, It didn't work a all

There was no need for a pirate girl


So I cut my long hair, that was gold like the sun

And with real pirate clothes, I wanted some fun

I boarded a ship and it was cheap like a toy

And when I looked in the mirror, I saw a pirate boy


But the captain at the ship, He was a sadistic man

He punished those who didn't, follow he's perfect plan

Through storm, rain and lightning, we kept our heads high

While the sadistic captain, were watching, relaxed inside


One night I met the captain, he was all alone

He talked to me like a person, yes one of he's very own

He pulled me into a embrace, and stole a kiss of mine

And that would not be forgotten, in a very long time


We finally reached an island, but the trouble had just begun

Because the sadistic captain, was not satisfied until he won

But one fated day, when I was walking through the town

I discovered the captains secret, that surely would get him down


At full mon he always changed, he became just like a child

He cried and clung onto me, For a very long while

And though I just could've told them, because he had been so grim

I found myself not moving, Cause I was in love with him


The captain did not understand, why I kept he's secret on my own

I just walked away from him, And tried to be alone

He asked a lot of times, But I would never tell him

About this love inside, That became my very sin


Then one day I decided, that I would leave the ship

It hurt so much saying nothing, I left, og yes I did

And just as I was walking away, leaving the pirates and the sea

I saw the captain came running, and he was calling out to me:


"You fool, you can't leave like that!

You belong here, you're not free

I fell for you, your sly cat

So you gotta sat with me!"


After saying that

He pulled me back, And I cried

And that's the story about how

I became a pirate bride.


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