keep running

mary, an 18 year old has run away from her abusive father and is trying to find her mother. her father always said she was dead but she never believed him but she never expected this.


2. chapter two

marys dad pov. i

i swear to god once  i catch that girl im gonna cut out her heart myself and feed it to the demons the vamps will catch her

two days later

mary pov

finally im done runing im there once i get to the house im gonna sleep for twenty days but i have to go to school yay! not. k luke said he put the key under the flower pot. the house is huge! apparently grams loaded.

"mary! are u ok? did u get hurt? are u tired?"

"im fine i promise im just tired but ill be ok when does school start?"

"in half an hour so get your lazy ass upstairs and change!"

"dont be calling my ass lazy! wheres luke?"

"oh he's in the shower your room is the one painted black!" i ran upstairs to go see my room it had all my posters and clothes put away and i had an en suite bathroom woop woop! after i took my shower i changed into a baby blue t shirt that said paramore on it skinny jeans blue flats and my silver bracelet i left my hair out and was ready. luke wore kakis and a black t-shirt while cassia wore a white skirt and purple T.

"are we ready to go?" luke put on his terminator glasses and jumped in the car.

"i call shot gun mary!"

"not if i dont get in first!" she was fast but i was faster i always win the school was only like 3 minutes away and once we got there every one started staring at me. ive been through this before shoulder straight head up dont make eye contact. but there was someone that i couldnt look away from he had blond hair green eyes and kept staring at me but i didnt want to do that id just look weird ill have to ask cassia who that was after school unless it was him that was walking towards me right this minute

"hi im ethan its nice to meet you."

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