keep running

mary, an 18 year old has run away from her abusive father and is trying to find her mother. her father always said she was dead but she never believed him but she never expected this.


1. chapter one

mary's pov

running you have to keep running thats what i always told myself whenever i stopped. hi im mary i have jet black hair blue eyes im turning 18 in two months and i only have two friends luke and cassia. my mom left when i was one and ive never had contact with anyone on her side of the family until now. two days ago my grandma came and told me to run. run away from all the bullies at school, run to find my mom and run with my two best friends. luke and cassia have already turned 18 and said they wanted to come with me. i said it was fine but i still didnt want them to run so they took the car my grams said she put us in huston high in texas and got us a house for the three of us to live in. she said my mom lived there but she is living in virginia so i know no one exept luke and cassia. ive been running for three hours and am one hour away from the border of texas so ill be in huston in about two days i hope luke and cassia get there safe.

ethan pov

great another crapy day at school and now im at the principles office for god knows what! hey im ethan i have blonde hair green eyes am turning 18 in three months and dont have a mate. um uh well im supposed to have a mate before i turn 18 because im a werewolf ya strange but what can u do im the alpha in the pack and my omegas john and molly are always teasing me about not having a mate but their my omegas what can u do?

"conly! get in here now!"
"yes sir?"

"i want u to take these two new students and sow them around or youll have detention for the rest of the week."

"yes sir" yes! one whole hour of doing nothing! and its science! wait a minute i can smell another werewolf wait i smell two but they dont smell like my omegas or anyone else in the pack they smell like... betas!! betas are the only two people in our clan that are missing except my mate of course but why have they been gone for so long? any way the guy is wearing a bike jacket blue jeans and a white t shirt. he has black hair brown eyes and looks really protective. the girl is wearing a jean jacket over a sleevles short pink dress and black heels. she has brown hair and gray-ish eyes and looks really fragile

"hi my name is ethan and welcome to huston high what's your names and um are you a... betas?"

"hey my name is luke and this is my mate cassia ya were betas we have science first."

"excuse me i can introduce myself hi im cassia uh has a new girl named mary came yet?" she gently shoved into him and he pretended to be in pain i wonder who is mary? which clan do they belong to?

"No she hasnt came yet... um do you mind me asking which clan youre in and who mary is?"

"Ya me and luke are in mistress lilly's clan and mary is um  just a friend." oh my god they are in my clan!

"thats my clan im alpha so afterschool would you mind comming over to say hi to mistress lilly and meet the clan?"

"if its ok with cassia sure"

"id love to um so can we see the school now?"

"oh ya sure" while i was explaining which classrooms were which i heard them whispering to each other about how mary could have gotten hurt and something else about their alpha and protecting her could mary be my mate?

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