keep running

mary, an 18 year old has run away from her abusive father and is trying to find her mother. her father always said she was dead but she never believed him but she never expected this.


4. chapter four

ethan pov

cool  marys comming to sit next to me but wait she looks mad... what did that alex do i swear...

"What the hell is your problem. first you hit on cassia then u just decide to hit on me like what the hell!"

"what! no i didnt you can even ask cassia i just wanted to show you around cuz i thought you were um... well... pretty and... im sorry." crap why did  i say that im such an idiot wait... shes blushing

"umm thanks im sorry for yelling its just im different."

mary pov

why did i tell him that but i kind of feel like i can trust him so here it goes "well i kind of have a really strong sense of smell and i can run for miles and not get tired."

"why dont you come over to my house today maybe i can help figure it out"

"ya sure thanks can i bring cassia and luke?"

"sure but lets pay  a little bit of attention." is this it will i finally be able to know whats going on? 

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