One Direction Imagines

One Direction imagines just write your name, the 1D member you want in your imagine, and the situation you want


6. Zoya and Zayn

When I was cleaning out my locker Harry came over we to me and started flirting with me again.I don't really mind because he's hot.~End of school day~When I was walking home someone came up behind me and shoved me into his car.It was Zayn.Oh Zayn the love my life."So Zoya what brings you hear"."We'll I was just walking by and decided to get shoved into your car"."Oh sorry about that I just needed to tell you that you have to stop flirting with Harry I hate it I'm so jealous everytime when I see him at your locker I burn up and feel like hitting someone"."Zayn I didn't know you felt that wa-".I was cut off by him kissing me softly but passionately."Zoya,will you be mine"."Of course Zayn".Then we kissed again I was so happy

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